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What is a Prep test?

Test preparation, often referred to as test prep, is an educational course for students who are willing to grow academically. It may be offered through online tutoring, educational materials, or any other learning platform. The main aim of test prep tutoring programs is to increase the students’ chances of passing a standardized exam such as ACT and SAT, earn high scores, enable them get admission with scholarship to their dream schools, colleges, and universities. The task of earning admission to top ranked universities and winning scholarship is getting harder each year.

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FPLA test prep tutoring program

FPLA offers the most reliable test prep that your child can depend on to pass the college entrance tests ACT or SAT. We have a team of certified tutors ready to get your child started with the tutoring program. Our dedicated test prep tutors are what your child needs for entry into a college of choice in the country.

Our tutoring programs are designed for every student, regardless of his or her career ambitions. We have helped many before. And from the reviews that we get, they are satisfied with our services.

What subject can test prep tutor help your child with?

FPLA test prep program covers a wide range of subjects. We can help your child prepare for the following tests:

Our SAT prep tutoring program offers your child full-length practice questions, study plans, online lessons, and many more. That guarantee him or her the best score in the final SAT exam.

FPLA SAT programs cover the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing and language
  • Math
  • Analysis in Science

This is mainly a math-based exam, covering almost all aspects of math learned from grade 6 to grade 12. ACT prep tutoring is essential for your child who is planning to take a further course in mathematics, engineering, or any other related program.

We cover the following six main areas:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Elementary Algebra
  • Intermediate algebra
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Plane Geometry
  • Trigonometry

FPLA prep course gives your child a premium opportunity to pass his or her ASVAB exam. With our online tutoring and practice questions, elaborate course outline, and study guides, there is nothing that can stop your child from excelling in any college entrance tests.

With our ASVAB tutoring program, your child will learn the following:

  • Arithmetic reasoning
  • Define math terms and functions
  • Working with fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, and proportions
  • Statistics and data analysis

Florida Standard Assessments cover English Language Arts, Mathematics, and End of Course. Having test prep tutor with many years of experience in these standards is an added advantage for your child as he or she will be pre-exposed to what is in the actual exam.

Full Potential Learning Academy offers an FSA test prep program that gives your child the needed knowledge of Algebra 1 and Geometry. You are guaranteed nothing less than excellence if you enroll your child in our program.

We offer a self-paced HSPT Test Prep course that will make your child pass the college entrance exam with flying colors. With our program, you can learn from anywhere, thanks to our high-tech virtual classrooms and a team of highly qualified test prep tutors. High School Placement Test is a college entrance exam commonly administered to students that need entry into Catholic schools. Other schools have also adopted this method, making it almost a mandatory exam.

FPLA tutoring course will prepare your child to handle every section of HSPT and guarantee the best grades. These sections tests verbal, quantitative, reading, language, and mathematics skills. We have a course outline that covers all these areas, equipping the student with the needed knowledge and skills to pass the exam.

Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) is administered to the students seeking college admissions for further education. It is the only way used by the college administrators to know whether or not your child passed through the right secondary education system. The test covers math, writing, and reading.

At FPLA, we are ready to prepare your child for the PERT math test. Our tutoring program covers the following topics:

  • Linear equations, inequalities, and quadratic equations
  • Solving a system of simultaneous linear equations with two unknowns
  • Solving Algebraic expressions
  • Graphs of linear equations and the coordinate planes
  • Binomials and monomials
  • Operations with polynomials

The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is divided into four main sections: writing, quantitative, reading, and verbal. It tests skills gained by your child at the elementary level, middle level, and upper level. Your child’s score in this exam will determine whether he or she secures a spot in the favorite secondary school.

To guarantee your child an admission success, register him or her in our SSAT test prep program. Our classes cover numbers, operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, probability, and data analysis. With a private test prep tutor, your child can take lessons at home and get ready to pass SSAT.

How does online test prep tutoring work?

Online test prep programs are designed to pre-expose your child to the topics tested in these college entrance tests. With proper practice using previously tested questions, your child is better placed to face tests.

Online tutoring is very essential. It ensures that your child passes the exam and proceed in his or her academic journey. You only need to identify a legitimate online program that has high success rate. Stay away from the lure of “success guaranteed”, because, no one can guarantee your success. No one else but you, script your own success. After that, you enroll your child to begin the test prep program with the assigned tutor. It may seem challenging at the start to find an experienced test prep tutor for your child, but not with FPLA. Our programs are designed to give your child the much-needed success in his or her academic journey.

Are test prep tutors worth it?

Many people have criticized online test prep tutors for the hiked fees they charge. That might have brought fear in many parents who are only living to see that their children get admission to the top colleges and universities in the country and abroad. It should not be the case when you choose certified tutoring programs offered by FPLA.

Our test prep program is organized into tutoring sessions that last an hour. Depending on the grade of your child, he or she may have 10, 20 or 40 tutoring sessions. In all the sessions, the child will be taught by a tutor with experience in his/her area of expertise. With practice questions that our team provides, your child will be better placed to handle any entrance exam.

Test prep is the surest way to pass ACT, ASVAB, EOC, FSA, HSPT, PERT, SAT, SSAT, or any other admission tests.

How much does a test prep tutor cost?

The cost of a test prep program varies considerably depending on the chosen facility. It may take you a lot of time to explore all the tutoring options that are available online. Our advice is that you should look nowhere else for cost-effective programs. At FPLA, we offer pocket-friendly online tutoring services.

We offer 10 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring for a low fee of $45/h for new students taking one subject with us. If you have siblings who are also registered in our private tutoring programs, then you get a discount. With multiple options to choose from, the chances are, you may pay as little as $36/h for tutoring sessions. The more you subscribe, the more you save.  

How many hours a week should you work with a test prep tutor?

We recommend that you have two sessions a week per subject with your tutor or tutors if registered in multiple subjects. Each session lasts one hour, relating to two hours a week. We are family friendly tutoring center. We will work with you to customize a tutoring program that suits your schedule, availability, budget, and achievement goals. The online virtual live instruction has opened up myriads of options. You or your child has the option to take classes late into the night, early morning hours or weekends. The choice is yours. If this is not enough we are open and willing to explore any creative solutions that will fit your need, because, we put your success first.

How do you prepare for online tutoring?

Online tutoring classes only require that you have a stable internet connection. You may also need a well-lit room, especially when you choose the evening and night classes. With a good video conferencing device such as a laptop with a webcam, you are more than ready for online tutoring. Another thing that may feature on the list is psychological prep. You have to prepare your mind for online classes, especially if you have not experienced it before. But do not worry, we give you FREE demo of our program, so you will be comfortable from the first session.

Student Success Stories

A Few Selected Top Rated Universities To Which FPLA Trained Students Have Successfully Gained Admission

Brown University
University of Miami
University of Chicago
Barry University
University of Florida


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