15 January

Angular Momentum and Acceleration

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When someone or something travels in a straight line, it is quite easy to know how far someone has gone in a certain amount of time. But what if they begin moving to the side? What about when they have to turn around a? It can be a simple change, but one that demands a different kind of mathematics to figure out.

27 December

Resolutions for the new semester and ways to accomplish them

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The school curriculum is built in such a way, each day builds on the previous learning sessions. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.Akin to regular physical checkups, periodic assessments give a reality check onthe student’s academic progress.

18 December

FPLA Programs transform struggling readers to successful and confident lifelong learners

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Reading (decoding)-comprehension and writing are essential life skills needed to succeed at all stages of life. One must be able to read and comprehend to learn other subjects including another language. A lesser known fact is deficiencies in reading and comprehension lead to low self-esteem, loss of confidence and overall mediocre performance among the young children.

16 December

Semi-Annual Tutor Training And Recertification Of The FPLA-Certified Tutors

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Semi-Annual Tutor Training And Recertification Of The FPLA-Certified TutorsFPLA-certified tutors make a difference in the lives of students one student at a time, everyday onsite and online. Tutor certification process is what distinguishes us [...]

11 December

Tips To Make Group Tutoring A Success

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Call it shocking, unbelievable, disgusting, or shameful the fact remains the same. According to the National Science Foundation data, 65% of fourth-graders read below the grade level. Reading is a fundamental skill, needed to learn any other subject including Math.

15 October

Economy of Efficiency demystified

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Look at every appliance, any technology, and many vehicles sold new today, and you’ll hear all sorts of claims about how more efficient that new thing is compared to its older versions. With those claims of better efficiency, you sometimes hear that the new technology will “pay for itself over time.” What does that mean, and how do we calculate that?

1 August

Tutoring helps high achievers as well

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Tutoring helps high achievers as wellAn increase in class size stifles teachers from providing one to one personal attention to students who are falling behind. Typically, high achieving and students [...]