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Looking for SAT Math and English Tutor For Your Child? FPLA's SAT Prep Class Is Designed To Help Your Child Get Higher Scores. Now Available Live Online.

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" I took SAT exam three times and averaged around 1200. I came to Full Potential Learning Academy to boost my SAT score and get Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. The FPLA director motivated me to aim higher to get admission to top ranking Universities. The tutors are good. They pinpointed the areas where I can improve the most, taught me test taking skills and made me practice. As a result I improved my score by over 130 points and earned a Bright Futures Scholarship and admission to the University of Florida."

Alec Castro, Class of 2020, Mater Academy

Our LIVE Online programs ensure stability, dependability, and consistency in the quality of student-tutor interactions. With a placement test for our SAT Math and SAT English courses, our tutors customize the course to tutor exactly what your student needs!

Every child can learn a whole lesson per hour any days of the week. Within two months, they can be extensively trained to get the highest scores they possibly can in SAT Math and English. The result of thorough preparation speaks for itself!

Get started today with our online lessons, Call or Text Toll Free 1-833-PRO-TUTR (1-833-776-8887) or (Contact us) and we’ll help you find the test prep you’re looking for!

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A High SAT Score Increases Your Scholarship Opportunities. We Help You Earn One!

Many scholarship awards still exclusively use SAT or ACT test scores or in combination with other conditions for scholarship awards

The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) awards consider your final SAT scores. It is a prestigious scholarship. Without even a formal application, National Merit Scholar winners are offered full tuition, room, board, and handsome living allowance at hand-picked universities.

We Help You Boost Your Score and Increase Your Confidence

FPLA-certified SAT test prep private tutors will prepare you to face the dreaded SAT exam with confidence. This confidence extends to other spheres of life as well. Our study plan and training inculcate strong work ethics and prepares you for college life.

White Glove Service

FPLA-certified tutors are available to help you overcome the speed bumps with their thorough training and 24/7 access to a myriad of learning resources and evaluation tools. FPLA admission counselors will assist you in selecting the SAT test prep program that aligns with your goals, timeline, and budget. FPLA SAT test prep tutoring plans start as low as $36/h. You can enroll for 4, 10, 20, or 40 hours of private 1-on-1 tutoring. All programs are 1-on-1 tutoring.

We have multiple packages that is customized to meet the student and parental needs. All our programs are 1-on-1 which ensures, each college aspirant receives the utmost dedication (s)he deserves. You can take as few as five hours of test overview to 40 hours of full-fledged training spanning 10 weeks, and anything in between. The foundation for our suggestions will be the initial placement test, which helps us pinpoint the strength and weaknesses of the candidate.

We are also open to group sessions limited to maximum 10 students. The group sessions are subject to the minimum enrollment of 6 students.

Our Unique 1-on-1 Program!

Do you need a new kind of classroom? A teacher that responds instantaneously to your questions and teaches exactly what you need to know? That is exactly what we offer in our personalized SAT 1-on-1 programs!

With our placement tests, you undergo the pressure and the pressure of the real SAT test, find your weak points, and undergo private tutoring to strengthen your weaknesses, and perfect your strengths. Our 1-on-1 LIVE Online Tutoring Program goes one lesson per hour and fulfills your educational needs, with plenty of practice tests and feedback to guide you through every question you may have.

Schedule now, and do not wait until it is too late! Rushing into practice does not help when it is too late! Call or Text Toll Free 1-833-PRO-TUTR (1-833-776-8887) or (Contact us) to get started on your SAT practice!

Power Hour Tutoring

Every one-hour study session is well-planned, the qualified tutors have specific goals to meet, and have access to various teaching resources to reach those goals. A typical session has classwork, practice quizzes, reviews, and Q&A sessions. Homework is assigned at the end for extra review. Above all, you will have 24/7 access to all necessary materials.

In our tutoring sessions, you will learn about the examination structure and test taking strategies, and then we clarify fundamental concepts and brush up on topics you might have learned in the past but have forgotten. You will also learn useful test taking tactics, hone your test taking and time management skills, and importantly, build your confidence.

Remember you are not alone. Our SAT test prep program will prepare you the same way we have successfully prepared vast amounts of students in past years.

Of late, several state Universities have waived the SAT or ACT test scores from admission requirement. California state universities have suspended the SAT or ACT test results from the college admission criteria for the 2020-2021 academic year. However, they are planning to establish their own SAT or ACT equivalent standardized tests. Everyone is waiting to with bated breath for these new standardized test format, and we are prepared for what comes next.

FPLA-SAT Test Prep Program Helps You Level The Playing Field

School academic standards vary based on location (ZIP code), the teacher, family income and demography. It is unfortunate fact that ZIP codes determine the quality of schools, and thereby the quality of education offered.

Students privileged to attend private prep schools are lucky to be educated in small classrooms and be given individual attention. However, most high school students are not privileged enough to attend small, private, and expensive classes.

FPLA SAT test prep program is here to level the playing field. Our programs meet budgets of all hues. Parents of high school juniors and seniors have at least four different test prep plans ("SAT tutoring plans") to choose from, with group tutoring options as well.

SAT or ACT test scores are not the only criterion for college admission, but an important calling card. A high-test score is a sure-fire way to grab the admission counselor’s attention.

What is the SAT and what is its score range?

Is there any penalty for incorrect answers? Should I skip questions I do not know?

Why I should not omit any questions in the SAT exam?

How the SAT score is used in the college admission process?

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What SAT score is required for admission to a state university in Florida?

Is the SAT the only way to earn college admission?

When should my child start preparing for the SAT? How much test prep is needed?

I have a prepaid college savings plan. Why I should bother about college tuition?

What is the average point increase for a student that completed the 10-week SAT program?

Why not hire an ad hoc private tutor from the internet?

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How does the FPLA test prep program begin?

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Student Success Stories

A Few Selected Top Rated Universities To Which FPLA Trained Students Have Successfully Gained Admission

Brown University
University of Miami
University of Chicago
Barry University
University of Florida


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