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FPLA is an approved provider of After-School and Summer Reading Program


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FPLA is an approved provider of After-School and Summer Reading Program

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Decoding & Comprehension

Reading, writing, and comprehension are essential skills that are needed to succeed in all stages of life. In reality, many children read and write below their grade level. Proactive intervention has been consistently proven to remedy the deficiencies in reading and comprehension. Several local schools and teachers routinely refer their students to our Decoding & Comprehension program. Therefore, we have made our program and tutors capable of educating students to the highest expectations of these respected teachers.

Full Potential Learning Academy Reading And Decoding Program

A lesser known fact is deficiencies in reading and comprehension lead to a loss in confidence and poor performance in other subjects, such as social studies, science, religion, and mathematics as well (we would have been happy if we knew this when we were in school).

Our signature reading comprehension diagnostic test helps us develop a personalized corrective reading lesson plan. From this point on, our trained tutors teach, guide, and encourage young learners to improve their grades for life.

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Our diagnostic tests and subsequent individualized One-on-One tutoring have consistently helped young learners gain confidence, improve their grades, and realize their FULL POTENTIAL. Historically, our program has helped students increase their reading proficiency by two grade levels in 90-160 days of tutoring. Almost all our children gained extra confidence and began doing better in other subject areas as well. Confidence is essential in every aspect of life and in order to gain this confidence, the simplest thing one can do is regular practice and guidance to unlock one’s potential. This boost in confidence has a cascading effect that you can see; their qualitative improvements in social skills, such as interpersonal relationships, have even helped them to become more outgoing (extroverted). Personality differences influence the outcome; therefore, individual results vary.”

FPLA one-on-one decoding, reading comprehension tutoring session is underway. FPLA has helped students improve their reading proficiency by 2 grade levels in 90 days.

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Reading and Decoding Program for All Levels

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Since we began in 1998, hundreds of early learners benefited from our English language Decoding-Comprehension Program. Many local schools recommend our programs to their students who need decoding-comprehension assistance.We attribute our success to individualized lesson plans, well-trained and dedicated tutors, meticulous record-keeping, regular monitoring, and above all, parental co-operation.

This program has almost always improved our students’ reading comprehension skills, boosted their confidence levels, and even improved their overall grades. Needless to say, we take pride in Decoding & Comprehension – our flagship program.  So, what are you waiting for? Contact us NOW to get your child reading level evaluated by our experts.

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