FPLA Programs transform struggling readers to successful and confident lifelong learners

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Reading (decoding)-comprehension and writing are essential life skills needed to succeed at all stages of life. One must be able to read and comprehend to learn other subjects including another language. A lesser known fact is deficiencies in reading and comprehension lead to low self-esteem, loss of confidence and overall mediocre performance among the young children. These students fail in other subjects, such as social studies, science, religion, and mathematics as well.

FPLA Reading Comprehension Program

A National Science Foundation datashow about 65% of the fourth graders read below their grade level. Proactive interventions in the form of one-on-one tutoring, focused assistance and consistent follow-up have helped remedy the deficiencies in reading and comprehension. Left unattended, these students drift off. Therefore, it is not surprising that about 74% of twelfth graders performed below grade level in mathematics.

Reading-comprehension is a fundamental skill needed to learn other subjects including mathematics.

FPLA-Reading (Decoding) -comprehension & Writing program in Brief

  • Defined goals and objectives.
  • Diagnostic placement test.
  • Personalized curriculum meeting the curriculum standards.
  • FPLA-certified tutors
  • Organized.
  • Periodic assessment, and evaluation tests
  • Comprehensive development
  • Building confidence
  • Academic success

We have made our program and equipped our tutors to help students master reading skills to meet the highest expectations of the curriculum standards set forth by experts. We have also launched the FPLA-Online, a live online tutoring program to help students learn remotely from the comfort of their homes, avoiding the notorious Miami traffic. Local school teachers are impressed with the success of our reading-comprehension program. Therefore, several school administrators, reading instructors, career counselors and speech therapists routinely refer their students to our Decoding & Comprehension program.

Recommended by Teachers and Guidance Counsellors

Full Potential Learning Academy Reading (Decoding)-Comprehension Program

FPLA-reading, decoding program helps struggling readers catch up to their appropriate reading level. This program teaches basic reading techniques, inculcates effective reading skills and establishes lifelong learners. We use McGraw Hill SRA’s Corrective Reading manual, placement, continuous assessment tests, teacher, and student handbooks. On need basis, we include spectrum reading to supplement comprehension and writing skills.

FPLA Certified Tutor Helping a Student

Following an initial need assessment interview, we administer a time-tested research-based decoding-comprehension diagnostic test. This diagnostic test helps us develop a personalized corrective reading lesson plan. From this point on, our trained FPLA-certified tutors teach, guide, and encourage young learners to perfect their reading-comprehension skills to grow into confident individuals.

The table below gives an overview of FPLA-Reading-Comprehension Program and a typical lesson plan outline:

Program Level

Program Name

No. of Lessons

Instructional Time

Target Audience



Beginning Reader


45 min.

Students in KG & above, lack of letter recognition, phonics

Recognize upper- & lower-case letters, phonics, numbers, sight words


Decoding A


45 min

Student in Gr. 3 - adults, adults unable to read and comprehend

60 wpm,
98% accuracy, reading at a 2.0–2.5 grade level


Decoding B1


45 min

Students in Gr. 4 –adult, reading below grade, confuse words

90 wpm,
98% accuracy, reading at a 3.5–3.9 grade level
Lexile Ranges:
B1: 360 - 650


Decoding B2


45 min

130 wpm,
98% accuracy, reading at a 4.5–4.9 grade level;
Lexile Ranges:
B1: 360 - 710


Decoding C


45 min

Students in Gr. 6 –adult, poor comprehension, critical thinking

150 wpm,
98% accuracy, reading at a 6.5–7.0 grade level Lexile Range: 410 - 1120

The reading-comprehension diagnostic tests, individualized lesson plans and the One-on-One tutoring have consistently helped young learners gain confidence, improve their grades, and realize their FULL POTENTIAL. Historically, students enrolled in this program have increased their reading proficiency by two grade levels in 90-160 days of tutoring. Many students have gained confidence and began doing better in other subject areas as well. Confidence is essential in every aspect of life. The simplest thing one can do to gain this confidence is regular practice underexpert guidance to unlock one’s potential. This boost in confidence has a cascading effect that you can see. Qualitative improvements in social skills such as interpersonal relationships, have helped once struggling readers become confident and outgoing individuals.

*Personality differences influence the outcome; therefore, individual results may vary.