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Terranova Test

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Terranova test prep is a program or a course that equips your child with the knowledge and skills needed to handle this crucial test. With the practice questions provided by the tutors, the child will be confident to face the exam.

At FPLA, we offer very affordable test prep course for your child. Regardless of the learner's level, our Terranova tutors know what the child needs to pass the test. Scoring high in the Terranova test is not very hard if you put your child in the hands of our experts.

The program is designed to make your child familiar with these kinds of tests. Throughout the program, the learner will be subjected to practice questions. Your child will be more comfortable with the format of these tests. Facing the real exam will, therefore, not scare him or her in any way.

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As we have already mentioned, scoring high in Terranova CTBS is a challenge to many students. But that is not all! Reading and interpreting the test scores is also a problem for many parents and some instructors. You need to know the learning ability of your child. But you cannot do so if you cannot make sense of the Terranova test scores.

Terranova tests are administered to students in levels K-12. Each student who has taken the test must have results. The achievement score will tell how your child is doing compared to other students who have also taken the test. The scores are returned in a form that may not be so easy to interpret and understand. You may struggle to understand the test scores. So, we will explain everything in this section.

How To Read Terranova Test Scores for any Grade?

Each subject area scores are reported as percentiles. Remember we stated that the Terranova test covers five subject areas: mathematics, science, reading, social studies, and language. So, to interpret your scores, first, check the figures indicated against each subject. Understanding your Terranova testing scores should not be difficult when you give it this approach.

Next, you need to compare your Terranova test score with other students who sat the same exam countrywide. For instance, if the child scores 90th percentile in math, then the performance is better than 90 percent of students of the same age and level. You also do the same for the rest of the subjects tested.

Next, you need to understand your child’s National Stanine Score. NS scores come along with the Terranova test results. It is a separate document with detailed information that allows you to rank your child on a scale of 1 to 9. One is the lowest score, and 9 is the best score. For instance, if your child scores 89th percentile in the Terranova test, then he or she is in the 7th stanine.

Request Terranova Scale Scores

If you are not satisfied with the Terranova test score interpretation as explained above, then you can request scale scores from the exam that your child took. The scale report has more information that is not included in just a standard Terranova test result. If you still have a problem understanding your Terranova testing scores, then consult with your child’s teacher or tutor for help.

Scoring High in Terranova Test?

Your child has done his or her Terranova exam, how do you get the results? Usually, the results are sent directly to your school. From there, you will have the teacher forward them to you. However, you can also find the scores from the McGraw Hill website. You will need an account to access results online.

Getting results from the school is better since the administration may provide other additional information that you will not find on the website. Depending on the institution where your child did the exam, you may receive the school's mean score. Some teachers are also generous enough to provide comments on your child’s performance.

Terranova Test Highest Score by Student

Knowing what the highest score is can help you rate the learning and reading ability of the child. It may not be clear what your child scored from the Terranova test, but you can still understand what the result means if you know the highest score.

The results are presented in percentile. By this, your score can be somewhere between the 1st percentile and 100th percentile. The 100th percentile does not mean that your child got every test question correct, but it is an indication that he or she is among the top students in the country. So, the highest score in the Terranova test is 100th percentile, and the lowest score is 1st percentile.

Free Terranova Practice Tests/ Math Practice Questions

FPLA Terranova test prep course gives more weight to practice questions or practice tests. That is the only way to drive out fear in your child to face the final test. If you do a Google search, you will have millions of results on the practice test. Some sites even offer practice test pdf download.

You might be tempted to download the practice test pdf to administer to your child. While that is a good indication of your concerns about your child’s academic growth, you might get it wrong. Many of those practice questions that are readily available online are not sorted according to grades. As such, you might administer a 6th-grade test to your grade 4 child and vice versa.

Why Enroll your Child in a Test Prep Program?

The answer is simple. These programs are run and managed by experienced tutors. Taking FPLA’s test prep course as an example, we have professional tutors who know the content that a child of every level should be subjected to. For instance, we have a Terranova test preparation grade 7 course meant for only grade 7 students. The same goes for students in grade K-12.

Students enrolled in our Terranova test preparation courses enjoy the following advantages:

  • Exposure to thousands of practice questions that are organized according to the different levels
  • Tailor-made test prep course that prepares the child for Terranova test in his or her grade
  • Access to interactive and top games from certified educational publishers
  • Access to thousands of practice questions for all tests targeting students in grades K-12, covering gifts and talents that may not be tested in the Terranova exam.
  • We also offer free parent resources that will help you understand your child’s learning and testing process, including math guide.

With our services, you will have unlimited access to Terranova practice test samples for students in the following levels:

  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade
  • 8th Grade
  • 9th Grade

Our course is designed to give your child the best. We go with the pace of your child, and all the concepts are presented in an easy-to-understand way. Just reach out to get the best services and a guaranteed highest score on the Terranova test. We are the best in offering remote exam preparation services.

I Have Had My Homeschooler Terranova Tested, Now What?

Terranova tests have purposes. Apart from testing your child’s ability, you can use the results to know subject areas that require improvements. For example, if your student scores over the 50th percentile in four subjects and less than that in the remaining one, you will know where to put in more effort.

It helps both teachers and parents to collaborate to help students improve in their areas of weaknesses. Even if your child has a higher percentile score, he or she will continue working hard to get even better results next time.

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