1-on-1 Online Math Tutoring Programs for Elementary, Middle & High School students.

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Hire a Math Tutor for 1-on-1 online test prep. Our online math tutoring programs include Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics & Calculus.

Need help with math? Here at Full Potential Learning Academy, we have a tried and true tutoring program to help students falling behind in mathematics. With our help at FPLA, you can turn an ‘F’ into an ‘A’!

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What Subjects Can We Help You With?



Skills to Learn

Students from kindergarten to 5th grade will learn numbers and necessary math functions that will be used for the rest of their life

Simple Numbers.
Addition and Subtraction.
Multiplication and Division.
Fractions, Percentages, and Decimals.

Students from 6th grade to 8th grade will build off of their elementary education to begin digging deeper into mathematical functions and number logic to learn skills that will be required of them in future classes.

Large Numbers.
Advanced Decimals, Fractions, and Percentages.
Ratios and Proportions.
Exponents and Factorials.
Basic Geometry.
Pre-Calculus: Equations and Variables.

High School Level Math

Students are traditionally required to take Algebra I by 9th grade. Students must have passed Pre-Algebra or an equivalent class previously to pass Algebra I

Equations and Inequalities.
Solving for Variables.
Graphing Simple Functions.

A required class traditionally taken between Algebra I and Algebra II, Geometry mixes new concepts with Algebra I skills and applies them to shapes and patterns, giving a new dimension to mathematics.

Reasoning, Proofs, and Pattern Recognition.
Properties of Angles.
Properties of 2 and 3-dimensional shapes.

An advanced algebra class that builds off a student’s previously acquired Algebra and Geometry skills and adds more concepts. Students not paying attention can easily fall behind this course’s complex content. From here, students are offered a choice of Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, College Algebra, or other math classes offered by their schools.

Solving for 2 or more Variables.
Polynomials, Matrices, and Quadratic Equations.
Simple Trigonometry.
Graphing Complex Functions.

A branch of science as much as it is a math class, new functions with a very particular set of applications are introduced. Students then have to apply these functions into complicated formulas and equations learned in previous classes.

Trigonometric Functions.
Applications and Capabilities of Trigonometric Functions.

This advanced course takes Algebraic and Trigonometric skills and focuses on the particulars of graphs and their behaviors, and advances one’s understanding of complex functions, including matrices and vectors, and can conclude with a section introducing derivations, probability, and statistics

Nature and Behaviors of Graphs.
Advanced Polynomial, Rational, Exponential, and Logarithmic Functions.
Trigonometric Functions, Matrices, and Vectors.

A course designed to strengthen students’ understanding of algebraic topics, functions, and equations, and how to apply and solve them quickly. This helps students attain mastery of algebraic skills before they branch into higher mathematics.

Systems of Equations, Functions and Matrices.
Advanced Graphing with Transformations.
Graphing Advanced Functions.

Advanced Placement Program® (AP) and College Math


A business-heavy course that prepares students for life in the white-collar sector of our world, with advanced concepts that take mathematical properties and all-new theorems, and applies them in the same manners businesses are run by. Statistics offers students the insight necessary to head a cooperation or create their own businesses.

Estimating and Controlling Information.
Conveying Vulnerabilities and Finding Trends.
Probability and Distribution Curves.
Thinking Measurably, Scientifically, and Computationally.


An artful course that is full of exacting physics, complicated engineering concepts, and even business logic. This course can be extremely difficult as it takes all-new theorems, series, and functions, and throws in all previously learned concepts for a battering of applications and a limitless array of problem-solving methods.

Limits of Functions and the True Concept of Infinity.
Derivatives and Integrals of Functions.
Solving for Derivatives and Integrals
Series and Patterns.
Derivatives and Integrals with 2 or more Variables.

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