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​1-on-1 and Online Math Tutoring Programs for Elementary, Middle & High School students.

Since 1998, FPLA has been helping students mystified by mathematics finally understand and overcome all obstacles. All our programs are offered over our state-of-the-art FPLA-Online platform to receive our one-on-one tutoring from the comfort of the student's home. This live One-on-One program ensures stability, dependability and consistency in the quality of student-tutor interactions. For students having difficulty with mathematics we administer a Math placement test, which enables us to develop a personalized lesson plan to focus on their strengths and work on improving the deficiencies.

FPLA Math Program Offers Tutoring For All Levels


FPLA certified tutors help students at all grade levels learn math the way they understand. We utilize time tested teaching materials and techniques, to deliver a customized learning plan designed to address that student's needs, whether their math skills are below grade level or are advanced learners roaring to take challenging math courses. Our tutors adapt to individual learning style, thus help students understand the topics and love learning.

FPLA Tutoring Method

At FPLA we take pride in our one-on-one tutoring programs. Students get to know their tutor and receive full attention that they do not receive in their classrooms.

Math Preparation for Standardized Tests

  • Improve your scores on SAT and ACT using our SAT Math Program and ACT Math Program. Learn more on FPLA-Test prep programs here.
  • GRE Math Preparation

Course Assistance

  • Help with subjects that students are currently studying in school. Our tutors will equip students with the ability to confidently complete their assignments and exams.

FPLA Math Placement Test

Following the free 30 minutes need assessment meeting, we administer KEY Math-3 Diagnostic Assessment test (KM-3 DA; Connolly, A. J. (2008). Key Math-3 Diagnostic Assessment. San Antonio, TX: Pearson, Reston, VA, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (2000). Principles and standards for school mathematics). The contents covered in the test meet the standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). KM-3 DA tests students’ academic proficiency in three main content areas: Basic Concepts, Operations, and Applications. Results are given as percentiles and as grade level equivalents and pinpoints the areas of strengths and weaknesses. Results are further split into subcategories as described below.

  • Basic Concepts: Numeration, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement.
  • Operations: Mental Computation and Estimation, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.
  • Applications: Foundations of Problem Solving and Applied Problem solving. This area tests students’ abilities to interpret word problems and identify missing elements, as well strategies, and operations required to solve the problem.

The results of KM-3 DA have been found to accurately correspond to students’ actual grade levels (Kim et al. 2015).

Math Topics we Cover

Elementary School Math

Infants innately have number sense (https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2013/10/babies-are-born-some-math-skills, #Starr A, Libertus M.E., Brannon E.M (2013). Number sense in infancy predicts mathematical abilities in childhood. PNAS USA, 10.1073/pnas.1302751110/-/DCSupplemental). We need to nurture and introduce them to more complex and formalized world of mathematics. At FPLA – we familiarize early learners to increasingly complex number concepts. As children advance to higher grades, we gradually present them with

  • Addition and Subtraction.
  • Multiplication and Division.
  • Fractons, Percentages and Decimals.

We adapt our teaching method to the child’s learning style. In this process we use a variety of time-tested learning tools.

Middle School Math

As children transition from the elementary school to middle school, the complexity of math increases. From two- or three- digit numbers, we introduce the concepts of multi digit numbers, the magic of power (exponents), basic equations and more.

  • A typical 6th and 7th grade students gain in-depth knowledge about decimals, fractions, percentages,ratios and proportions.they also learn the basic geometry, complex equations and variables. 
  • Pre-Algebra:Introduces students to algebraic expressions, one-step equations and inequalities, factor, graphic, linear functions. Pre-Algebra is typically taken in the 7th grade and prepares students for high school level math with the fundamentals of algebra.

High School Math

  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • TRIGNometry
  • PRE-calculus
  • College Algebra

College Algebra covers systems of equations, graphing, functions, matrices, and transformations. Graphing extends beyond simple linear equations to parabolas, hyperbolas, circles, and ellipses. Equations will have more than one variable.

Advanced Placement Program® (AP) and College Math

  • Statistics
  • Calculus

Calculus covers limits, derivatives, and integrals. The most basic operation in calculus is the limit. By using limits instantaneous rates of change, or derivatives, can be found. Calculus is used in engineering, physics, and business. This course requires familiarity with logarithmic, trigonometric, and various other functions, as well as familiarity with graph behavior. This course should be taken by students who have completed Pre-Calculus, Algebra and Trigonometry.

College Algebra: College Algebra covers systems of equations, graphing, functions, matrices, and transformations. Graphing extends beyond simple linear equations to parabolas, hyperbolas, circles, and ellipses. Equations will have more than one variable.

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Summer is the best time to learn, close any knowledge gap, learn new topics, get a head start, and reach Full Potential by broadening one’s knowledge base. Our Jumpstart Program will give your child the leg up needed for the upcoming school year. Contact us  for further details.

@Key Math 3 is a registered trademark of Pearson Education, Inc.

Kim H, Schmidt K.M., Murrah W.M., Cameron C.E., and Grissmer D (2015), A Rasch Analysis of the KeyMath-3 Diagnostic Assessment, Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning curry.virginia.edu/castl

All my life, I’ve had a passion for teaching others that only grew with time. I’ve pursued opportunities to continue tutoring others until I came upon FPLA. There, they offer me a chance to further embrace my passion and educate those in need of assistance. I find myself better versed in the language of Math and Science.

Estefan Marquina

Estefan Marquina  

​​I have a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Florida International University through the FIU Honor’s College. I tutor Math, Science, and SAT/ACT Math and reading and writing section. I am a Pre-Dental student and am currently studying at FIU for a Bachelor of Art in Liberal Studies on a Health and Human concerns track.


Samuel Hurtado

​​I have tutoring experience in Elementary and Middle School math where I worked one-on-one with students who were struggling with math concepts. I have also tutored Spanish speaking adults with basic English skills. I want to be of utmost benefit to the students I work with and use our time efficiently, therefore I welcome any questions or suggestions that students or parents can offer.


​Erica Ortiz​

I am a junior pursuing Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree at FIU. I value the mission of FPLA, the organization, the structure and the staff who are singularly dedicated to help children succeed inside and outside the classroom. I am impressed with the valuable resources available at FPLA to help students excel in their subjects. Recently, two of my students improved their math proficiency by about five grade levels.

Robert Wich​

​Robert Wich​

​My name is Dannette Aviles and I am 21-years-old. I am a senior at Florida International University pursuing a Bachelor's in Psychology. I wish to earn a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in psychology and to have my own private practice. Teaching has always been a passion of mine which is why I have been a part of this exceptional Full Potential family for over three years. I have an appreciation for all subjects, but am especially fond of math. At FPLA I am in charge of homeschool program, and teach math up to algebra, SAT, ACT, HSPT test prep programs.

Dannette Aviles

​Dannette Aviles​​​

Hi! My name is Damian Cruz. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Florida International University. I simultaneously earned both my High School Diploma and Associates degree. As a tutor, it's my mission to make sure all my students reach their fullest potential academically not only to improve grades, but also apply their knowledge to their daily lives. I teach both online and in person classes. I look forward to working with you reach your full potential! I love teaching, interacting with, sharing his knowledge and passion with his students. I teach premier Key Math 3 program, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, General Science, EOC, FSA and HSPT, SAT, ACT, PERT, CLEP test prep programs. I am also an aspiring entrepreneur.

​Damian Cruz

​Damian Cruz

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