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About the Subject

Basic arithmetic involves operations with numbers only. You can carry out mathematical operations with these numbers, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and addition. Algebra involves both numbers and variables, usually represented by letters of the alphabet. You can also carry out the basic math operations when dealing with algebra.

Algebra is applied in many areas and industries to help solve problems. Different real-life problems are modeled into algebraic expressions, which are then evaluated. In algebra 1, students are introduced to many concepts such as evaluation of expressions and equations, properties of equality and inequalities, among many other topics.

Many students find Algebra 1 challenging, but that should not be the case. It might not be easy to grab all the concepts taught in class because it is nearly impossible for teachers to offer personalized attention. With Algebra teaching, you can be sure to ace your algebra. You will never be among those students who struggle to solve even simple algebraic equations.

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Algebra 1 Tutoring at Home

FPLA tutoring program allows you to take your online lessons at home. You do not need to be at school or an advanced classroom to improve your Algebra 1 grades. With our flexible home plan, you only need a laptop or any other gadget that access the internet and has a web camera. These are all you need to start your program with us.

 Algebra 1 Tutoring When You Need It

Our experienced Algebra 1 tutors are always at your service. You only need to get registered in our program, and a tutor will be assigned to you within no time. We give all learners the same opportunity to ace their Algebra 1 test through online tutoring to ensure good mastery of the content. Contact us at any time to start learning Algebra 1 remotely.

Tutor on your schedule

We understand that you have a fixed schedule. But if you can spare extra two hours to spare a week, then you can effectively learn Algebra 1 tutoring online. Our program has a flexible schedule where you are the one in control of your timetable. You can choose between daytime or evening classes, and you can change your lessons to suit your schedule. This is not for algebra tutoring only but also other subjects such as AP and SSAT preparation.

You have the freedom of choosing the sessions, with up to 2 sessions a week. Our tutors also allow you to reschedule your lessons, but you need to do it in advance so that your assigned tutor can be informed in time. FPLA offers the most flexible tutoring program with your personal interest in mind. Trust every word!

Adaptive Tutoring

It is a great challenge for many students to adapt to online tutoring. At the start, you might feel uncomfortable attending online classes. FPLA has a way of encountering that through adaptive tutoring. You will learn at your pace, and the content will be adjusted according to your learning ability. You can trust our experienced Algebra 1 tutors to help you improve your grade and believe every word from us. They have handled many students before, and your case will not be a different one.

Where do I start? / How to Get Started

It is easy to get registered for our online tutoring course. If you are interested, Call or Text Toll-Free 1-833-PRO-TUTR (1-833-776-8887) or (Contact us). Our team will get back to you and take you through the other steps to get absorbed into our program. It is a quick and straightforward process that will see you improve your Algebra 1 results.

Personalized assessments

This is usually the second step that you need to pass through. It consists of an entry-behavior test aiming to identify your weaknesses and strengths in solving algebraic word problems and other topics covered in this course. It is necessary to administer this first test because it helps us tailor our online tutoring service according to your understanding ability.

The personalized assessment test does not count in the overall grade you get at the end of the course. As we said, it is to help your tutor to understand you better.

Watch a sample math session

This is a recorded live session that you can watch to get an overview of how our online classes are. You can see from it that the ongoing session is very interactive and lively! You can also sign up for a trial account to test our online classes. Everything is designed to meet the current standards. If you have a stable internet connection, you will have enjoyable online Algebra tutoring.

How FPLA’s Tutoring Works

The Algebra 1 tutoring program has a timetable. Each week has two sessions scheduled for each of the subject areas you are enrolled in. That means you can take Algebra 1 classes and other math tutoring lessons at the same time. Each session is scheduled to take 45 minutes, and you will have a one-on-one tutor to take you through the course material.

Every student enrolled in our online program is expected to pay close attention and ensure that he or she has a good mastery of the topics covered under Algebra 1. That is necessary to have an advantage over other students who do not take online courses.

After successful registration, you will be given an account where all the course material and any information posted. Please note that the web page is privately yours and will display your registered course, timetable, and any test results if available. The page also shows your worksheets, and you should keep track of the changes on those worksheets.

Some of Our Key Features

FPLA’s Algebra 1 course has unique features that you will not find from other service providers. The top highlights are the following:

  • Preadmission tests
  • Individual test results
  • Homework and assignment after every topic
  • Qualified and highly experienced tutors
  • Books and all other learning materials provided

If you are ready to enroll in our online tutoring program, contact us. You will be a member in no time!

Advanced classrooms

We use state-of-the-art online classrooms that allow students and tutors to interact and share all course materials. You will also have graphs and a virtual board for topics that require such resources. In general, it has all the features of a physical classroom. All these are designed to make our online Algebra 1 tutoring one of a kind.

If you would wish to try our online classes for free, then create an account. This is a demo account that allows you to get an insight into what the actual sessions will be like. Familiarized with its features and your Algebra 1 tutor.

Math Test Preparation

Every student will be tested in preparation for Algebra 1 exam. Our tutors provide practice questions after every milestone to test the student’s mastery of the content. There are also random assessment tests that aim to determine the student’s retention capability. Finally, you will be subject to a final exam at the end of the course to gauge the course effectiveness.

Dissatisfied after the first hour?

It is possible that you might not feel satisfied after your first session with your Algebra 1 tutor. You should inform the director so that appropriate action can be taken to save the situation. Do not wait until it is too late before you tell us your view. We are willing to replace the tutor if deemed necessary because we always guarantee satisfaction. However, that rarely happens because we have experienced tutors who know their role in helping students cover the course.

Algebra Tutoring that Works for Every Student

FPLA has recorded 100% satisfaction, which is an impressive record only for reputable service providers. We have been able to help many students through our tutoring programs, not only in Algebra 1. We also have Algebra 2 tutoring and other math tutoring lessons. From our experience, every student who has successfully completed pour cost records high performance in the final test.

From the student reviews, you can realize that all of them are hailing praises for us. Our tutoring services work for every student, and there is no doubt about it. It is not our word, but that of our previous students.

How Much for Private Algebra Tutoring Lessons

Many people think that private tutoring is expensive, and that is not the case. Other tutors might be charging high rates for their services, but FPLA tutors are not. You will pay $50 per hour or per session. You can do the calculation for the total number of sessions that the course is scheduled for. And as you can realize, this is a relatively low rate compared to the knowledge you will gain.

We also have discounts for some groups of people. If enrolled in more than one course at FPLA or you have other siblings in our program, then you will be given a discount. Veterans are also included in the discount program. Feel free to discuss it with our director if you meet any of our discount criteria.

Pay in installments

We understand the need to balance your finances. You can pay the tuition fee in installments and not everything at ago, but you should submit your payment two weeks before. We have a secure payment method that will ensure your safety when making transactions.

Money-back guaranteed

FPLA guarantees good grades if you successfully complete the course that you are enrolled in. In any case that you don’t see an improvement, you can claim a refund. We are honest and mean our words. But since we always deliver measurable results, we guarantee satisfaction.

Private math tutoring with pay as you go pricing

Pay-as-you-go is a payment plan that is accepted only by the FPLA. We understand that you might not have all the finances ready, or there may be mistrust. You can pay per session as you monitor the progress. You can also reschedule your sessions when you don’t have the money to pay for the services. We always understand your situation and move at your pace.  

Look nowhere else for help with Algebra 1. Our online tutoring is all you need to record good grades. Register in our Algebra 1 online course and live to tell other people the difference it will make in your math career.

A Few Selected Top Rated Universities To Which FPLA Trained Students Have Successfully Gained Admission

Brown University
University of Miami
University of Chicago
Barry University
University of Florida


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