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FPLA offers Geometry tutoring for students needing course assistance, homework help, enrolled in homeschool program or learn Geometry during summer to get ahead in the academic grade. Students have the option to learn in person or online via a tutor led, live, interactive 1-on-1 virtual classroom. Geometry is the study of the relationships between points and shapes in space, which can help develop both spatial and logical reasoning.

Geometry is a necessary pre-requisite to take up math courses such as Algebra 2 and beyond like trigonometry, pre-calculus, Calculus etc. Geometry Jump start courses are offered in the summer to AP or IB students help prepare before they take a graded course.

Students who will take up Algebra 2 and Calculus are expected to have completed coursework in Geometry and Algebra 1. Geometry students are expected to have completed Elementary Math and Algebra 1 or score corresponding proficiency on the placement test.

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Where do I start? / How to Get Started

Start by scheduling an over the phone consultation with one of our staff. You can contact us via e-mail, call, or text message at 1-833-PRO-TUTR (1-833-776-8887) toll-free. Our team will get back to you and set a free demo session of our online system.

Personalized assessments

Students enrolled in an FPLA tutorial program will undergo a variety of personalized assessments to understand the student’s progress and help tutors in their learning.

Before a student takes a course, a practice test will be administered to evaluate their readiness or ability for the subject. The test results will help determine if a student is ready to take up the course, find specific areas of weakness, and help tutors understand the best approach for their sessions.

Each student’s learning progress is monitored. Staff is trained to do meticulous recordkeeping, which helps tutors and parents have a bird’s eye view on student’s performance. This can help them find ways to tackle difficult topics or see the student’s topic understanding and retention.

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