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Home School

In A Recent Comparison Of SAT® Exam Scores, Home-Schooled Children Averaged Around 568 On The Verbal Test And 525 On The Math; The National Average Was 506 On Verbal And 514 On Math In The Same Year. Home Schooling Provides Your Child With An Opportunity To Customize The Class To Their Needs, Rather Than Have Them Mold To The Class. The Student Can Learn And Prosper In A Friendly Environment With The Aid Of A Tutor Who Is Present To Help Them Throughout The Learning Process.

Whether You Need Year-Round Classes Or Occasional Help, FPLA Is Here For You.

We believe children are not vessels to be filled-in. Rather free spirits needing opportunities to blossom.

Full Potential Learning Academy (FPLA) offers one-on-one tutoring in regular, honors and AP subjects to homeschool and regular students and test preparation assistance to K-12 students. It is our mission to provide academic support in a welcoming, non-judgmental, supportive environment with the assistance of our well trained, credentialed, and courteous staff.

The FPLA’s home school curriculum is centered around the student and the family’s priorities. Students can enroll in one subject or a full curriculum. We work with parents to frame individualized lesson plans and provide a nurturing environment that facilitates student tutor interactions peppered with discussion and open - ended questions.

Homeschooling assistance

A typical day for a homeschooler at FPLA

In a typical day, the students have instructional time, discussion, homework assignment, class work, pop quizzes, and more.

Specifically, we record daily session notes and keep meticulous records that parents can access anytime. These records detail the cumulative hours of instructions, course expectations, quizzes, tests, class and homework assignments, punctuality, attendance, attitude and more, which can be used as a course portfolio in support of home school achievements. 

Homeschool tutors

Parents receive regular email, written, telephonic or in person communication from us that help keep the parents fully involved in their children’s education. Regular communication also helps keep the students motivated and remain on top of their assignments, up to date with their lessons, and more! Besides the aforementioned internal evaluations, we can arrange for third party administered EOC evaluation tests that meet age and grade standards. Contact us to develop individual syllabus centered around your needs.

Home School Parents Have The Option to Pick Their Own Plan

Tutoring Plans Starting As Low As $36/h



$ 60


Use Anytime

1-on-1 Tutoring With FPLA - Certified Tutors

Feedback, Clarify Doubts & Offer Test Taking Tips

Registration Fee (Regularly $40) - FREE


10 Hours Package

$ 450


Save $165

1-on-1 Tutoring with FPLA-Certified tutors

Any Subject, One Student

Registration Fee $25 (Regularly $40)


Expanded Package

$ 36/h

Save $24/h

Evaluation Tests

Meticulous Records

Live 1-on-1 Tutoring With FPLA - Certified Tutors

Any Subject, One Student

Regular Feedback

Sibling Discount

Family Saver


Save $24/h 

Evaluation Test

Meticulous Records

Live 1-on-1 Tutoring With FPLA-Certified Tutors

Any Subject, One Student

Regular Feedback

Together We Make Homeschooling A Breeze!



Note: We are not authorized to provide a diploma.

One-on-One tutoring

Wouldn't it be great to have a person who knows about your child education as much as you know? You can discuss future prospects, current performance, and changes related to your child. There is no substitute for individual self-tailored help, focused solely on your child for each tutoring session.

Hand Picked Tutors

A teacher might be knowledgeable, but if they cannot explain what they know, then their teaching is of no use.

EVERY one of our tutors undergo a rigorous selection process, including observed role play, to ensure we give your child the best chance at academic improvement.

Personalized curriculum

As a parent, you customize everything for your child: from clothes to bicycles.why not customize their education? Tutors at FPLA understand the importance of parental intervention for a better education for students. Together, with you, we can create a perfect curriculum tailored exactly for your child.

Regular assessment

We regularly assess student’s progress, provide feedback, and take corrective actions. We introduce specific remedial measures to address any weaknesses and emphasize your child’s strengths. Our objective is to help the students realize their Full Potential.

 Periodic progress report

At the time of enrollment, we administer placement test. The results of this test, guide the creation of customized lesson plans designed specifically for your child. We periodically administer custom lessons and systematically monitor your student’s progress, maintaining real, ongoing progress.such that the progress stays real and ongoing. Tracking is consistent and transparent, so that you can always see the progress over time. We provide an environment where the children themselves are willing to perform and showcase their results!

Meticulous Academic Records

Our past records speak for themselves. The support in our students’ reviews and referrals is what drives us to do better every day. We keep your child motivated and on track, helping them progress through regular evaluations and periodic reminders. After all, our goal is to let them grow to be independent lifelong learners, because the lamp of knowledge is lit, it continues to glow forever.

student of the year

The director, tutors, and the administrators of FPLA are excited to announce Brandon Ravelois the first recipient of the
"FPLA-Student of the Year" award. Brandon, an aspiring baseball player,was enrolled in the FPLA-Homeschool program. This dedicated young, eager to learn student took four courses with us. He was punctual to all the sessions, focused on his target, sincere in his efforts, humble in his approach, cheerful in his demeanor, eager to learn and excel.He successfully passed 8th grade Language Arts, Pre-Algebra, General Science and US History.From among the home schooled students at FPLA, all the tutors unanimously recommended him for this honor. Kudos! Keep up the magnificent work Brandon. Join us in congratulating his parents and teachers in his upbringing. We are thankful to his parents for letting FPLA to be part of his success story.

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