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Full Potential Learning Academy (FPLA) is a family owned and operated business. Originally established as Full Potential of Miami Lakes in 1998, we have been continually educating South Florida community for the past 20 years. We offer One-on-One tutoring for students of all grade levels, including adult learners and college students. Our professionally trained and qualified tutors provide course assistance for all subjects and grade levels. We specialize in helping early learners in English reading and comprehension (Decoding/comprehension), course work assistance at all grade levels, and test preparation assistance for high school students. Our One-on-One program ensures stability, dependability, and more importantly, consistency. We ensure that utmost importance is given to the quality of student tutor interactions. A student reads and learns, but also listens to and talks with the tutor; this quality conversation is essential for in-depth learning. We are committed and known for our “Transparency, Confidentiality and Respect” in our dealings with parents, students, employees and all stakeholders.


FPLA is an organization of choice that provides supplementary education for students and the community with academic support in a welcoming, non-judgmental, supportive environment and embrace you warmly with the assistance of our well trained, credentialed and courteous staff.

Thanks for believing in us!

“Your Success is our Mission & Inspiration.”

We at FPLA believe that your success is the best testimony of our hard work. In the end, your result is what validates us in front of thousands of other parents who are searching for an able tutor in the coming future, just as you are doing right now. So Contact us NOW!

your child's potential + our methods = full potential of your child is unlocked

We fulfill our mission by providing our diverse student population with high-quality One-on-One student-centered learning services. We provide a positive learning environment that is equipped with a variety of learning resources that empower our diverse student population to learn, achieve, and succeed academically using scientifically validated approaches to teaching and learning.

Nurturing skills, strategies, and behaviors in students to develop confident, independent, and lifelong learners is all what we DO at FPLA.

Hiring qualified tutors through a rigorous and competitive selection process as well as providing a positive, nurturing, and empowering work environment to all our employees and business partners is what we have been doing for the past twenty years.


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Los tutores certificados de FPLA son la razón del éxito de sus hijos


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