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We offer 1-on-1 online test prep for math and teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages, decimals, and more!

In need of an elementary school math tutor? Here at FPLA, we have many experienced math tutors who know how to help the youngest students get excited about learning new math skills and improving their current math abilities. With our state-of-the-art Virtual Classroom, our proven 1-on-1 teaching helps kids become excited for the material they complete and the tools they can use. Our award-winning online tutoring has an excellent track record thanks to our personalized programs and certified math tutors that are custom-matched to your child. Our services help elementary students find the right tutor, give them the most opportunity to learn and enjoy learning math, and with our diagnostic testing, create an advanced math program that will immediately address their weaknesses.

The Math Struggle Is Real! But It Doesn’t Have To Be.

When an elementary school student needs help, it’s hard for some people to give them the support and care they need. The material is simple to someone who has had a grasp on the concept for many years, but a young child just starting to grasp those concepts will find it very hard.

When a student starts to fall behind in elementary math, it can create many problems if it is not immediately addressed. Your child will need help if they:

  • Are unable to complete their schoolwork in class
  • Are slow to complete their assigned homework
  • Are beginning to get consistently low grades
  • Have difficulty answering certain types of questions
  • Cannot explain how they solve problems or why their methods are correct
Math tutors

Our elementary math tutors are here to help your child grasp the concepts they need to be able to use throughout their lives. It is imperative that their academic understanding at this grade level is complete and that their math skills are exceptional. FPLA-certified elementary math tutors care for all students and are driven to help each and every one find their success.

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Our certified, experienced, and hand-picked math tutors are trained for elementary-level students, and display the patience, helpfulness, and cleverness needed to keep a young student interested and encouraged to learn new concepts and complete their math homework. Many hundreds of children have reached their FULL POTENTIAL here at FPLA, increasing their scores and completing their understanding.

Why Do Kids Get Tutors?

When elementary school children can’t grasp a concept, their school has little to no obligation to do anything more than give them “the grade they deserve.” Many teachers are unable to help kids falling behind in class and give them the accurate and direct help they need to unlock their


This is why private math tutors are such an important need for elementary students. They can talk 1-on-1 to a knowledgeable, passionate, and helpful tutor. Our advanced program can not only diagnose and correct a student’s problems, but also prep them for the next grade with the skills they will need in the future, creating exceptional students.

How Does Tutoring Work?

When a student goes to professional, certified elementary school math tutors, they are going to receive the attention they need to correct their mistakes, complete their understanding, and get their math grades up to par in as few hours and as little cost as possible. This is what most parents hope they get from private math tutors.






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