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AP Biology is a college-level class on biological sciences, spanning from the chemical to the ecological level. In high school, students who take this class can be easily overwhelmed by the intense amounts of knowledge they are required to learn, yet the class itself is no challenge compared to the AP Bio exam.

Here at Full Potential Learning Academy, we have AP Biology tutors who can give you an absolute advantage. Our 1-on-1 LIVE tutoring sessions are available online along with our own AP Biology course. Our course requires you to dedicate several additional hours of study in addition to our LIVE 1-on-1 tutoring with an FPLA-certified tutor as we cover all of the material that is covered on AP Biology exams.

  • About AP Biology
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AP Biology Course Syllabus:

We offer specialized tutoring for students who simply wish to catch up with their class, and prepare them according to their high-school’s AP Class. We also offer a complete AP Biology online course that is thorough in every sense of the word. It covers every topic, streamlines every concept, and slices it up into small, easy-to-digest lessons, with homework for you to complete and review at your discretion.

We offer a full complement of options to our course to allow students with specific needs or situations to cover the material deemed necessary at the pace they need to reach their goals in time. Our dedication is to teach every student to their fullest so they can perform their best. Have the skill and confidence to reach your goals today!

Assignments and Grading:

This course will have assignments for homework that may be graded at the instructor’s discretion. These activities will give students a sense for their mastery of the material. We advise students to take our course well in advance to not need to rush through the assessments.


If a class is missed without alerting our admissions office, a cancellation fee will be charged. If you anticipate an absence, please alert our office 24 hours in advance to request a reschedule or cancellation without charge. Email the class cancellation notice to smedia@fullpotentialtutor.com You may also call or text 1-833-PRO-TUTR (1-833-778-8887).

Classroom Etiquette:

Please be punctual and log into the virtual classroom on time, and be ready to give your full attention to the instructor. Feel free to interact with the tutor and ask any questions that may come up. If the instructor has not shown up on time, immediately contact our office at 305-826-1896. The AP Biology Exam-preparation course will be completed over 32 weeks, and is composed of 64 sessions.

Tips to learn online via our Virtual Classroom:

  • Take your classes in a quiet room or other dedicated study space, quiet and free of any distractions.
  • Except for the browser window of our Virtual Classroom and required study materials, close all unnecessary programs on your computer. This includes any videos, computer games, music players, etc.
  • Silence your phone and place it where it will not distract you.
  • Don’t take the classes from a couch, bed, or in an informal position. Sitting upright increases your focus and improves your thought process.
  • Dress as casually as you wish, but not in pajamas. There is such a thing as being too comfortable.

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Brown University
University of Miami
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