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Compared to a high school diploma holder, a college graduate is likely to earn $17,500 more per year and more than a million dollars over lifetime wages. The employability rate is also higher for a college graduate (2018 Forbes report). Love it or hate it: The College Admission Tests (ACT/SAT/PERT) are here to stay. All Florida State universities and nearly all the other universities and colleges in the US require SAT® or ACT®, occasionally both the test results as part of the college application package.

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FPLA- SAT & ACT Tutoring and test prep programs focus on Reading, Writing and Math Sections for the SAT, Math, Critical Reading, English, and Science for the ACT exam. Prospective test prep students take a pre-test. FPLA practice test replicates the ‘real’ ACT® or SAT® exam (the pressure, scenario, and other conditions). This pre-test serves as the baseline score, which we use to evaluate student’s progress throughout the test prep program. These test results are only for private review and will not become part of the official records. We emphasize that FPLA practice tests replicate the formal ACT® or SAT® tests.
While individual results may vary, historically, FPLA trained students have improved their ACT® scores by about 5 points and SAT scores by 220- 320 points. Two of the students improved their ACT score by 8 & 10 points each.This is a substantial improvement, and people familiar with these exams would understand the enormity of the achievement. We guarantee to provide your child with the very best preparation for the ACT® or SAT® Exam. It is for the students to do their best by meticulously following our instructions.

Alec Castro Testimonial

FPLA – SAT Test Prep Training Helped Alec Castro, A 12th Grader, Win $26,000 In Scholarship And Admission To The University Of Florida Gainesville, FL

" I took SAT exam three times and averaged around 1200. I came to Full Potential Learning Academy to boost my SAT score and get Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. The FPLA director motivated me to aim higher to get admission to top ranking Universities. The tutors are good. They pinpointed the areas where I can improve the most, taught me test taking skills and made me practice. As a result I improved my score by over 120 points and earned a Bright Futures Scholarship and admission to the University of Florida. My advice to future test takers: You need to put consistent efforts outside of tutoring to get the results you want."

Alec Castro, Class of 2020, Mater Academy

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About the ACT® Test & Tutoring:

Back in the days ACT was an acronym for American College Testing. But not anymore. Now it is just ACT, and acts as the gatekeeper between the students seeking college admission and the colleges/universities. ACT(R) is a registered trademark of ACT(R), Inc.Our ACT Tutoring program can help you score better. The Online ACT tutoring program is also available.

ACT® test structure and time limits



No. of questions

Time Limit

No. of choices

MCQ* choices

Time per Q




45 min.


A,B,C,D or

36 sec.




60 min.


A,B,C,D,E  or

1 min.




35 min.


A,B,C,D or

52 sec.


Science skills


35 min.


A,B,C,D or

52 sec.


Writing (Optional)


40 min.

Total MCQ


2 h 55 min.

Total test time for MCQ

MCQ plus
optional essay


3 h 35 min.

Total test time with MCQ + essay

**MCQ – Multiple Choice Questions;       **Q  - Questions

Upcoming Official ACT® Test Dates:

Next ACT Test in - (2023 - 2024)


ACT Test Date 2023 - 2024

ACT Registration Deadline

Late Registration Deadline

(Fee Applies)

ACT Score Release Date (Tentative)

Jun 08, 2024

May 03, 2024

May 17, 2024

Jun 18, 2024 – Aug 02, 2024

Jul 13, 2024

Jun 07, 2024

Jun 21, 2024

Jul 23, 2024 – Sep 06, 2024

Sep 14, 2024*

Aug 9, 2024

Aug 25, 2024


Oct 26, 2024

Sep 20, 2024 

Oct 07, 2024


*No test centers are scheduled in New York for the July test date.

Frequently Asked Questions About the ACT Test Prep Program

1. What is the ACT and what is the range of scores for the exam?

 2. How the ACT score is used in college admission process?

3. What ACT score is required for admission to a state university in Florida?

4. What are the qualifications to be accepted in a state university in Florida?

5. When should my child start preparing for the ACT? How much test prep is needed?

6. What is the average point increase for a student that completed the 10-week ACT program?


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All test names referenced in this website belong to the respective test administrators/boards. FPLA is not affiliated to, nor our products are endorsed by the test administrators/boards.


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