Semi-Annual Tutor Training And Recertification Of The FPLA-Certified Tutors


FPLA-certified tutors make a difference in the lives of students one student at a time, everyday onsite and online. Tutor certification process is what distinguishes us from the rest of the competition. We have set in place a rigorous six step tutor recruitment protocol.

From the time we receive an application, it takes about seven to 21 days to complete the recruitment and the on-boarding process. We test the prospective tutors' subject matter proficiency and teaching abilities. If they meet our criteria, we get their background verified by the local law enforcement agencies, and complete employment verification. Once the paper work is complete, we introduce the new recruits to our programs and operations, and teach them the best tutoring practices. At the conclusion of this lengthy and rigorous recruitment process, the tutors earn the coveted FPLA-Certified tutor certification. Frequently, we offer refresher courses to keep our tutors up to date with our programs, the best tutoring practices, bounce off ideas, and share their best tutoring experiences.

Full Potential Learning Academy Semi- Annual Tutor Training Session

On Saturday Dec. 7, 2019, team FPLA held the semiannual tutor training session in our premises. Rookie tutors learnt about our mission, vision, policies, expectations, and the experienced tutors had a refresher course. All of them received training in the best tutoring practices and pledged to adhere to the tutor code of ethics as outlined by the National Tutoring Association.

We specifically discussed the launch of a brand-new state of the art live online tutoring software, designed and developed for the exclusive use of FPLA tutors. Tutors agreed to an in-depth training for the online platform.

A generous serving of birthday cake rounded off the lunch. We ended the day with the Christmas tree installation in the lobby.

Tutors had a lively discussion about topics ranging from the best tutoring practices to the real meaning of neutrino stars, the chemistry of capsaicin and the things to do if you had bitten a spicy chili pepper. They also enthusiastically exchanged their tutoring experiences, shared the tutoring practices that yielded results and about handling students with different learning abilities. After a hectic three hours of marathon interactive training sessions, we had annual employee appreciation lunch. Everyone enjoyed a healthy lunch. Dec. 7 also happened to be Samuel Hurtado, our lead tutor’s birthday.

Team FPLA wishes you a very Merry Christmas and only the best for the New Year.