Why One Should Take the ACT Exam?

Last Updated On April 21, 2023 By Arikaran Kumar

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In our previous blog, we told you everything you need to know about the ACT exam, including its structure and who it's intended for. Now, let's dive right into the juicy stuff - Why should you take the ACT exam?

One of the main reasons is that many colleges and universities require the ACT or SAT scores for admissions. The college admissions officers use these test scores to evaluate student’s academic readiness for college level course work. By taking the exam, students can demonstrate their readiness for college-level course work and increase their chances of being accepted to their desired schools.

Another reason why students should take the ACT exam is that it can help them qualify for scholarships and financial aid. Many schools and organizations offer scholarships based on ACT scores, and a high score can significantly increase a student's chances of receiving financial support for their education.

Taking the ACT can be a valuable learning experience for students. The test is designed to assess a student’s knowledge and skills in English, mathematics, reading, and science, and can help students identify areas where they need to improve. The ACT can also help students develop important test-taking skills, such as time management and problem-solving.

Finally, taking the ACT exam can also help students gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in the areas of English, mathematics, reading, and science. By identifying areas where they may need additional support, students can better prepare themselves for college course work and ultimately achieve academic success.

Many Colleges and Universities have made ACT results optional for the admission process. which can significantly reduce the cost of attending college. In light of this development, why should I take the ACT exam?

It is correct that several Colleges and Universities in the United States have made ACT test results optional for college admission. But there are still several reasons why you should take this exam:

Demonstrating Readiness: Even if a college or university has made the ACT test optional, submitting your test scores can demonstrate your readiness for college-level course work. A strong ACT score can show admissions officers that you took time to take the standardized test, have the academic skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college. In plain speak, submitting the ACT scores could give you a competitive advantage over other applicants who did not submit test scores.

Scholarship Opportunities: Many colleges and universities use ACT scores to award merit-based scholarships to incoming students. Even if the ACT is optional for admission, submitting your ACT scores can improve your chances of receiving scholarships, other forms of financial aid, such as grants and loans, which can help make college more affordable. These low cost financial aid can significantly reduce the cost of attending college.

Comparing Yourself to Other Applicants: Even if a college does not require the ACT, many applicants will still submit their scores. If you choose not to take the ACT, you may be at a disadvantage when compared to other applicants who did submit scores. Taking the ACT can help you stand out in the applicant pool and increase your chances of being accepted.

Applying to honors or professional Programs: Some programs, such as honors colleges or specific majors, may require the ACT even if the college does not. Taking the ACT can make you eligible for these programs and increase your chances of being accepted.

Feel good factor: The ACT exam assesses critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management skills, all of which are essential for success in college and in many careers. Taking the ACT exam can help you determine:

  1. Your readiness for college and
  2. Identify areas in which you may need to improve your skills.
  3. Give you a sense of accomplishment and boost your self-confidence.

Scoring well on the ACT can help you feel more prepared for college and more confident in your abilities.

In summary, it is important to research the admission requirements for the colleges and universities you are interested in to determine whether taking the ACT is necessary or beneficial for your application. while some colleges and universities may have made submitting the ACT score optional for admission, taking the test can still have several benefits, including demonstrating your readiness for college, improving your chances of being admitted to competitive programs and receiving scholarships, as well as helping you develop important skills for college and beyond.

Next up on our blog, we'll be showing you how to get ready for the ACT and highlighting common mistakes students tend to make during their preparation. Stay tuned for some helpful tips!

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