​Our Summer Tutoring Program Prevents Your Child From Falling Behind When School Re-Opens.

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Summer Jump Start Program at FPLA

We are not computers, right? It is unreasonable to think that we can be fed information once and remember it forever. Parents of any successful child will tell you that regular, continuous study habits (even during the long summer holidays) is key to academic success. At FPLA, we help your child keep up with their academic goals and prevent them from falling behind when school reopens after​ summer break. Just 90 minutes a week is what it takes to reach and maintain academic achievements. With this objective in mind, we present ​to you our Summer Jump Start program!

 Why a Summer Jump Start Program?

Our Summer Jump Start allows students to prepare to start an amazing all-new school year with a bang! With Summer Jump Start, we provide one-on-one tutoring to children who need ​the extra encouragement.

Our summer tutoring prepares you and your child to overcome the everyday challenges of the school year with confidence. It provides your child with a basic head start over their classmates and ensures that your child will be regarded as a bright and attentive student by the teachers. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW for summer tutoring with Full Potential Learning Academy’s Summer Jump Start program.

Summer Learning Loss

Take a look at any recent research study study and you will see that many students in United States, as well as around the world, lose over a month’s worth of school learning during their summer vacation.

Therefore, adding a few hours of study during summer break ensures that students do not fall behind, but instead retain what they learned and even fill in educational gaps in a relaxed, low-pressure environment, while, at the same time, ready themselves to learn new material during the upcoming school year. At FPLA, we assist families in every way possible and keep their children engaged within a supportive environment.. Every summer, we offer a full schedule of eight-week “Jump Start” classes.

We Are Here For You
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The following are our Summer Jumpstart Programs:

  • Reading Decoding/Comprehension
  • Summer Reading Books Program (All grade levels)
  • Grammar/Writing Program (All grade levels)
  • Pre-Basic Math Skills 1st Grade
  • Pre-Basic Math Skills 2nd Grade
  • Basic Math Skills Elementary/Middle School
  • Pre-Algebra Jumpstart
  • Algebra I Jumpstart
  • Geometry Jumpstart
  • Algebra II Jumpstart
  • Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus Jumpstart
  • Statistics Jumpstart
  • SAT® Exam/ ACT® Exam Preparation for Fall Exams
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Organization
  • Test-Taking
  • Homework Skills

All these programs are exclusively made to keep your child entertained while learning in a safe and engaging environment, encouraging their curiosity to grow and increasing their desire to learn and ponder new things!


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