How to Get Through College During COVID-19

Guide to Online learning

Getting through college during COVID-19 can seem daunting, but you can be successful in school even despite a global pandemic. Follow these three tips and you can stay safe, healthy, and efficient even in unfamiliar circumstances.

Socialize Cautiously

College is a time for meeting new people, building relationships, and having fun, but that will have to be done a bit differently this year. You should be careful how you socialize and resist the temptation to gather in large groups. Failing to social distance can lead to increased spread of dangerous illness.

Instead of taking the risk of gathering in groups, explore alternative ways to socialize while physically distancing yourself from others. There are many creative options for continuing to spend time with friends without putting yourself or others in jeopardy. Technology offers many ways to stay connected with those you love even when you cannot spend time together in the same location. Stay connected, but do so safely.

Change Your Study Habits

Online courses can feel like uncharted and unfamiliar territory. You will need to change your study habits in order to succeed in this new format. Students should set a strict schedule for themselves and work on developing self-sufficiency when it comes to their own learning.

In order to get the most out of your education during COVID-19, you should treat an online course with the formality of an in-person course and follow a strict schedule. Make a dedicated study space for yourself. Set goals and objectives and build a study plan. To-do lists, calendars, time limits, and planning ahead can prove very beneficial in helping you stay on track and focused.

Maintain Structure

For many students, much of their normal routine has been lost. It is important that you try as best you can to continue to structure your day-to-day lives in order to maintain a positive foundation of coping skills. Sticking to a routine as best you can will be beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Students should do their best to keep up good habits concerning sleep, hygiene, nutrition, exercise, self-care, and non-screen activities. Especially if students are more limited in where they can go and do, it is essential that you retain these basic practices and attempt to keep life as structured as possible. Finding a new routine may be difficult, but it will make a big difference in helping you succeed.

If you socialize with caution, tailor your study habits to the format of online learning, and maintain healthy structure, you can succeed in college even during a pandemic. Times may seem uncertain, but you can certainly still do well this school year.

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