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High School Placement Test (HSPT®) Prep Program

HSPT® evaluates the cognitive and basic skills of an incoming 8th grader aspiring to gain admission to the Catholic high schools. The cognitive skill set encompasses verbal and quantitative subsets, while, the basic skill set encompasses reading, math, and language (grammar) subsets. High schools use the HSPT® results as a reliable tool to evaluate the academic proficiency of an incoming first-year student and assign them to regular or honors programs.

Since 1998, our successful HSPT® preparation classes have helped hundreds of students improve their scores and gain admission into their dream schools. Saturday, December 7, 2019 is the HSPT® test date for admission to the next academic year (2020-2021). Current 8th graders who intend to go to a catholic high school must take this test on this day. Completing the 8th grade and getting the HSPT® score are the minimum eligibility requirements for a high school applicant for the school year 2020-2021. Over the years, hundreds of students have significantly improved their test scores and earned a place in honors classes. While we have multiple options, a typical HSPT® prep program runs for ten weeks.

Option 1: One-on-one individualized training

The One-on-One test prep Programs help improve the basic skills for each student by providing one to one tutoring. We help establish an excellent foundation in test taking skill in reading, writing, grammar and Math. Personalized, 90 minutes a day; twice a week; 10 weeks of One-on-One on-site instruction. Rolling admission. Call or Contact US NOW to enroll.

Option 2: HSPT® group training

HSPT® group training is limited to a maximum 12 students per session. Each two-hour session will include instruction in English and math curriculum geared towards preparing the students towards catholic high school entrance exam.

HSPT® test prep Course features:

  • Preadmission tests & individual score reports.
  • Plenty of homework and practice tests.
  • Periodic progress reports
  • Trained, qualified and experienced tutors.
  • We provide books and practice tests.
  • Call now for dates and availability.

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