Advantages of hiring a tutoring company vs a private tutor

Education is the steppingstone for a successful personal and professional life. Higher education enables increased career opportunities, high compensations, and improved social standing. The current education system is unable to meet the demands of every child. Therefore, parents seek tutoring services to help their children achieve academic success. With so many options abound, below we have summarized some of the essential factors in selecting an established tutoring company vs a private tutor.


Points to consider

Private Tutors

Private tutoring company


Tutoring location

Public location (unreliable), Student’s, or tutor’s home (insecure).

Meeting at tutoring center provides right setting, stability, security, resources and discipline. Now, FPLA-Online offers live one-on-one tutoring, which you can enjoy from anywhere.




Reliable You can always expect to meet with a qualified, trained, certified, and vetted tutors.


Criminal Background Check

May be

All the FPLA staff undergo rigorous criminal background check. FPLA has liability insurance and worker compensation insurance for all the staff.


Subject Knowledge

The private tutors’ subject matter proficiency is unverified

We evaluate the subject matter proficiency and teaching ability. Only those who qualify our rigorous screening tutor at FPLA. All FPLA certified tutors have been vetted, verified, and trained in our programs.



May be

We certify our tutors All the FPLA tutors undergo multi step selection process. The selected tutors are trained in our programs, certified, and then offered a job at FPLA.Subsequently, we mentor our tutors, monitor their performance, give feedback and help them fine tune their tutoring methods.



What you pay what you get. If you want it cheap do not expect quality, reliability, consistency, and speed.

Value for money. You pay for quality, reliability, stability, consistency, and speed (on demand).



N/A. At the mercy of a single tutor.

At FPLA we work as a team. The administrators take care of scheduling, billing, and other back office work. The director and the lead teachers develop a customized lesson plan, monitor, and guide the tutors to make your child succeed.




The lead tutors, the director and the administrators are always around to supervise tutoring.



Inherently unstable. There is no continuity if the tutor quits midway, forcing you to hunt for a new tutor and if the new tutor quits again, repeat the entire process.

We keep daily record. In case of change of a tutor, we guarantee instructional continuity.


Choice of tutors


Many vetted and certified tutors to choose from our roster.


Choice of session times


77 daily sessions to choose from; and unlimited online live one-on-one session choices.


Tutor-tutee matching

In case of tutor-tutee mismatch, you need to search for a new tutor all over again, and loose precious time. If the tutor does not meet your expectations, then repeat the process.

You have a pool of qualified, vetted, background cleared and certified tutors available. You need not have to go tutor hunting.


Placement test


We offer (1) decoding, reading-comprehension (2) math (3) HS & college admission placement tests.



At the mercy of a single tutor

Always stable. You can expect to meet with a qualified, trained, and vetted tutor

Our tutors are not just experts in their subjects, but expert tutors as well! Test prep tutors are graduates or college students who took the tests recently. All our tutors have undergone a rigorous selection process, were extensively trained, and continually apply the best tutoring practices to ensure that your child gets the best chance at academic improvement.


About FPLA:

Full Potential Learning Academy is Miami’s premier tutoring center in reading, math, science, and test preparation programs. At FPLA, we encourage your child to aspire to a bright future by empowering them with academic and life skills in a positive learning environment that is equipped with a variety of learning resources. Now, you can get the same one-on-one tutoring in live online classes as well.