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Full Potential Learning Academy (FPLA) is a premier tutoring center in Reading, Math, Science, and Test Preparation programs. Originally established as Full Potential of Miami Lakes in 1998, we have been continually educating the South Florida community for the past 20 plus years. We offer one-on-one tutoring for students of all grade levels, including adult learners and college students. We have been recognized for helping students earn good grades, thus boost their confidence to grow to be responsible, and confident productive citizens of the society, best customer service, and corporate citizenship. Below is an email received on Jan. 11, 2023, from who have adjudged us as the “Best Private Tutors in Miami”

“Hi there, Full Potential Learning Academy (FPLA) is currently published in our article of the Best Private Tutors in Miami. As part of our ongoing evaluation process, we make surprise "Mystery Shopper" calls to ensure our listed providers are of the highest quality. We recently completed one such call; congratulations on passing!” and have also recommended us as the "Best of their Private Tutoring Agencies" in Miami, Fl.

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Brandon Ravelo

Brandon Ravelo


The director, tutors, and the administrators of FPLA are excited to announce Brandon Ravelois the first recipient of the
"FPLA-Student of the Year" award. Brandon, an aspiring baseball player,was enrolled in the FPLA-Homeschool program. This dedicated young, eager to learn student took four courses with us. He was punctual to all the sessions, focused on his target, sincere in his efforts, humble in his approach, cheerful in his demeanor, eager to learn and excel. He successfully passed 8th grade Language Arts, Pre-Algebra, General Science and US History.From among the home schooled students at FPLA, all the tutors unanimously recommended him for this honor. Kudos! Keep up the magnificent work Brandon. Join us in congratulating his parents and teachers in his upbringing. We are thankful to his parents for letting FPLA to be part of his success story.


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