Knowledge is the best gift a child can receive. You gain knowledge by education.


New year rings in new resolution. Adults make a list of their resolutions and so are children. Maintaining good health by eating right and exercising regularly tops the personal resolution list. For parents, setting the goals for children is an added responsibility. Here is one resolve many parents will agree that every student should resolve: complete homework on time and regular study habits to keep decent grades. Students’ being students have their own set of priorities. By nature, for many children, studies and getting top grades are certainly not at the top of their priority list. 

Therefore, parents should make it a priority to help children keep up their grades. The following suggestions may help parents guide their children make and keep valuable resolutions that will have a long-term effect.

January brings the curtain down for the second nine-week grading period and rings in the third nine-week grading period. In the blink of an eye, the first half of the school year is over. If your child secured average A.Congratulations! Keep a hawk’s eye to help your child maintain and if possible, challenge themselves.

You can also ask the school to provide academically challenging work. Alternately, find tutoring centers that provide academically challenging environment for gifted children realize their full potential

If your child has been maintaining B for the first two grading period, still there is time left to turn B to an A. Any grade below B calls for immediate remedial action, since, grade C or below indicates an underlying gap in knowledge or other undiagnosed conditions.

You should act now by enlisting the help of the homeroom teacher, school counselors, or fellow parents.

Everyone faces similar issues. Don’t be shy, discuss with other parents with same aged children. School teachers must attend to many children within their limited time. They have other work to accomplish in a day.

Therefore, seek outside help from a reputable tutoring agency. If you do not attend to your child’s school grades, the child will lose focus and continue the path of the downward spiral, earn poor grades, worst, end up repeating the grade. Repeating the grade

irreversibly damages their self-confidence. Parents can stop this damage and help children keep their “I can do” attitude.

Every parent’s refrain is “My child does not listen to me” ☹. Well, you are not alone, because every parent has similar complaints.

However, all parents agree to the fact that children listen to their peers, teachers, tutors, or an adviser. Parents use this to your advantage and get one-on-one tutoring help.

While we cannot recover the lost time, we can make the best use of the second half of the school year and now is the time to find that extra tutoring help your child deserves.

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