Simple tricks to help your child to love reading

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Reading is a fundamental skill that pervades all aspects of life. The first step is to encourage your child to love reading. At a time when concise information is readily available through googling, it could be an uphill task to nudge a child to read, because reading requires patience. As a parent, you can help your child develop patience by providing short term and long-term projects that have no apparent connection to reading.

A few examples of short-term projects like watering a wilted plant and observing it spring back to life, baking cookies, folding, and stacking clothes as per color or sorting toys based on type. These projects yield immediate results and therefore, a sense of accomplishment in the children. The outcome of their action is the ‘reward’ which keeps them motivated. Long term projects that would excite them could be sowing a seed or planting a sapling in the garden, watch them grow and eventually enjoy the fruits of labor.

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As a parent, you are the role model for your child. Children learn seeing you read. Therefore, you should preferably read a physical book or a magazine when children are around and encourage them to read as well. Then, read aloud an illustrated book with your child, point the words and stress on the phonics. Always pick a book that your child wants to read. After both of you finish reading, ask your child ‘what (s)he liked in the story’. If the child finds it difficult to explain or loses patience, switch to the illustration then ask about the story. It is not necessary to pick a story book. Reading materials could be comic books, children’s magazines, or even advertisement flyers.

On the weekends, take your child to the neighborhood library. When they see other children reading books, they may show interest in reading. Positive peer influence is powerful. You will be surprised how excited they get when they have the liberty to select books of their choice. If your child wants to read about dinosaurs for two months straight, it is fine. Check out as many books as possible of their choice from the library. Take your child also to return the books to the library. It will teach them to care for the source of knowledge and be responsible. Online books are great, but there is nothing like the joy of holding and reading from a physical copy of an illustrated book.

If the above suggestions do not work, there is a possibility that your child may need a little outside help with reading, and comprehension. We at Full Potential Learning Academy are here to help. We have proven strategies to help a child achieve success in reading.

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