How to select a tutoring center

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Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom - George Washington Carver

In real life, you may come across several successful (famous and rich) individuals without a formal college degreeHowever, the untold story is that they built their success with the support of mentors. Also, their success was possible due to the lessons learnt from the University of Hard Knock. It is in the family’s best interest to provide a quality education to their children. Though not perfect, the current education system works. 

The inherent shortcomings in the current education system present opportunities for improvement. Until we find an ideal education system, parents will continue to seek supplemental education a.k.a. tutoring services. Tutoring helps slow learners catch up with the course work. Also, it helps fast learners advance their grades and improve test taking skills. it helps them to earn better grades. 

Parents seek private tutors because:

  • Ever increasing demand for better grades to get into top ranking universities. And/Or the pressure to earn scholarship, forces parents/students to seek expert help to earn top test scores.
  • Most schools cannot meet the educational needs of all the students.
  • Overcrowded classrooms leave little time for individualized attention.
  • Teachers are burdened with increased non-academic responsibilities such as committee work, fund raising, etc. that unwittingly cut into their core teaching obligations.
  • Families where both parents are employed full-time have little time and energy to tutor their children.
  • All parents may not have an aptitude to teach.
  • Parental teaching styles may not keep pace with the current learning trends.
  • The tutoring marketplace presents a variety of choices to those parents who opt private tutoring. While options are good, parents should educate themselves to select the right tutoring center. This is because, education is an investment in the future of the children.

Here are seven key points to consider in selecting the right tutoring center for your child.

1. What are the tutor qualifications?

2. Are the tutors’ student themselves?

3. Are the tutors certified?

4. Do you check the background of the tutors?

5.How do you match the tutors and students?

6.What are the tutoring hours?

7.What learning resources does the company provide to the students and tutors?

About us:

FPLA is Miami’s premier tutoring center in reading, math, science, and test preparation programs. At FPLA, we encourage your child to aspire to a bright future by empowering them with academic and life skills in a positive learning environment that is equipped with a variety of learning resources. You can read about our Student's Achievements. 

FPLA tutors:

Our tutors are not just experts in their subjects, but expert tutors as well! Test prep tutors are graduates or college students who took the tests recently. All our tutors have undergone a rigorous selection process, were extensively trained, and continually apply the best tutoring practices to ensure that your child gets the best chance at academic improvement. 

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