Bring Your Own Calculator


College board has a defined calculator use policy for the SAT test. Besides a few sharpened HB pencils and erasers, bring your own calculator. As a rule, the testing centers can allow the use of the college board approved calculators only. College board has approved the use of most graphing calculators and all scientific calculators. However, it is prudent to choose a calculator from the list. You cannot borrow calculators from fellow test takers.

College board allows the use of a calculator only for the section 4 (Math test with calculator) of SAT test. You cannot use the calculator for the any other sections of the SAT test.

By oversight, if you use the calculator for anything other the section 4, the test center may void your test and expel you from the center. Therefore, abide by the testing policies and save the day.

Below is a list of a few common sense calculator use policy tips:

  • Buy a college board approved calculator and train with it in the school and during the practice test. You want to be familiar with the various functions of the calculator, and not fumble with an unfamiliar one.
  • Calculators are meant to speed up solving the math problems. Therefore, even when permitted, you can solve math problems without a calculator. Always write down the steps and finally use the calculator. It will facilitate step by step review.
  • Most of the calculators are solar and battery powered. If needed, replace the batteries. You do not want to be saddled with a problematic calculator. If the calculator fails at a crucial moment, the testing center will not provide a replacement, and you may be completing the test without the calculator  (see point #2).
  • You can bring in to the testing center solar powered or battery-operated calculators. Do not bring a charging cable or expect a charging port at the testing center.

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