How to build vocabulary and reading comprehension skills?

Reading 1

Food and shelter are essential for our survival!
But communication is the key to obtain food and shelter.
All the living organisms communicate in their unique ways. Humans employ language as the primary communication medium. The world over the power of communication had created as well as changed the course of history. This world will be a boring place without the influence of communication. You can enrich communication skills by having an active vocabulary. Therefore, language and associated skills are an essential part of our survival, and the standardized tests evaluate one’s proficiency in the vocabulary, comprehension and writing skills.

Vocabulary building exercises:

Strategy 1: Read, Read and Read.


No matter what you read, read. Every place has something to understand. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and texture. They may present as directional signs, billboards, flyers, menu card, and all around you. Once hooked onto reading, branch out to read books that are out of your comfort zone. During this process, you will encounter new words, which at times might be frustrating.

On the other hand, this new words encourage the use of a dictionary, which is a time-tested way to enrich your vocabulary. Fifteen minutes daily reading time will benefit you immensely. Just reading the classwork will count to this reading practice. 

Using commuting time to read is a worthwhile idea. In this era of e-books, you do not even need to carry a physical book. Many books are available to read online and offline. The only drawback if any, will be using the screen time, which should be restricted to less than two hours a day.

Strategy 2: Listen:

Listen to news, talk shows, audio books or even songs. Listening is a good mental exercise, expands the intellectual horizon, familiarizes to different accents, and teaches pronunciation. Dedicate a specific time or utilize commuting time to listen. Amongst the listening sources, classroom lectures take the pride of place. It is like BOGO (buy one get one free), you listen and learn at the same time.


Strategy 3: Practice, practice and more practice

Knowledge is worth sharing because the more you share, the more you learn. Experience does not diminish by giving. Instead, the gift of knowledge always expands.


Having gained new words, read a new book, and learned something new. So, share the knowledge you have gained from reading and listening. Talk to a friend, family or engage with a teacher. Alternately, take notes, write to a penpal, or contribute to the school magazine. Sharing the newly acquired knowledge brings in the clarity of thought, increases communication skills and gives an opportunity to practice what you just have learned.

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