​How to Compare Fractions to Determine Whether They Are Equivalent Using Least Common Denominators.

​The first step is to compare the denominators and see whether they are the same.
If not, find L.C.M. List the multiples of 4 and 8 and then they...

Then, make the given denominator as same as L.C.M Value.
To make ¾ have a denominator of 8, we must multiply it by 2, but we must do this in a way that preserves the original value of the fraction. Therefore, we multiply by 2/2.

Since 5/8 already has a denominator of 8, we multiply by one, which does not change the digit in the denominator.

​Compare the answers. Now that we have calculated the values of the numerators and denominators, we can compare the numerators and determine which fraction is greater.

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