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We believe children are not like vessels which we can fill in. Rather, they are free spirits needing opportunities to blossom.

Full Potential Learning Academy (FPLA) offers one-on-one tutoring in regular, honors, AP subjects and test preparation assistance to home schooled students and those enrolled in traditional school systems. It is our mission to provide academic support in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment. With the assistance of our well trained, credentialed, and courteous staff, we provide world class tutoring.Student and family's priorities are the main objective of FPLA's home school curriculum.

Teacher and Student

Students can enroll in one subject or a full curriculum. We work with parents to frame individualized lesson plans. Moreover, we provide a nurturing environment that facilitates student tutor interactions. Discussions and open-ended questions also form an integral part of this nurturing environment.

FPLA's Home School Program provides quality tutors

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At FPLA, we believe that quality tutors are keys to provide quality education. Therefore, we only hire candidates with high academic credentials and prior tutoring experience. All the FPLA certified tutors have an overall GPA of ‘B’ or above and experts in their subject areas. In our roster, we have a healthy mix of educators. These include educators with a doctorate, masters, bachelor, associate, and HS diploma.Most of the FPLA tutors are recent college graduates entering the workforce.

Several of them are taking a gap year to prepare for professional degrees such as, medical, dental, law or postgraduate courses. Our tutors are young, energetic, and driven by the passion to teach. Besides being excellent tutors, they serve as a role model for the tutees. We believe that a good tutor makes a good student and vice versa. 

Our Course of Action


We provide supplementary educational service and home-schooling assistance. In a typical day, the students have instructional time, discussion, homework assignment, class work, pop quizzes, and more. Specifically, we record daily session notes. Moreover, we keep meticulous records that parents can access anytime. These records detail the cumulative hours of instructions, course expectations, quizzes, tests, class and homework assignmentsIn addition, they have records of punctuality, attendance, attitude and more. Course portfolio in support of home school achievements can use these records.Parents receive regular email, written, telephonic or in person communication from us. This helps them to be fully involved in their children’s education.Regular communication also helps keep the students motivated. 

Moreover, it helps them to remain on top of their assignments, up to date with their lessons, and more! Besides the aforementioned internal evaluations, we can arrange for third party administered EOC evaluation tests. These tests can meet age and grade standards. Contact us to develop individual syllabus centered around your needs.

Check our Student's Achievements, over here. Important Note: We are not authorized to provide a diploma

About FPLA


Full Potential Learining Academy (FPLA)is Miami's premier tutoring center in Reading, Math, Science and Test Preparation programs. Now you can realize that dream with the help of FPLA's time-tested and dependable one-on-one test preparation programs.

Hundreds of students have improved their SAT results by on an average 150 points and 3 points in ACT scores.

You can also read the parent testimonials here.

At FPLA, we encourage your child to aspire to a bright future by empowering them with academic and life skills in a positive learning environment equipped with a variety of learning resources. For more details call us at 305-826-1896 or explore us at https://www.fullpotentialtutor.com/.