Full Potential Learning Academy’s Winning Strategies To Ace Standardized Tests

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Wonderful program! My daughter has been working extremely hard to improve her SAT/ACT scores, and her tutors, Walley and Fatima, are walking her through this journey- They are outstanding tutors btw! Dr. Poche, the director, is very attentive. He always has time and patience to work around our busy schedule. The ladies at the front desk are very sweet and professional as well. Best place to take your children for SAT/ACT practice.

Beatriz D

Dear parents and high school students,

Imagine earning the scores of your dream in SAT/ACT* tests by learning effective test taking strategies!

Now, you can realize that dream with the help of FPLA’s time-tested and dependable one-on-one test prep programs. Hundreds of students have improved their SAT* results by on an average 150 points and 3 points in ACT* scores.

How much time and effort have you spent trying to improve your test taking skills? Are you frustrated with programs and self-help learning tools available online for free?

These tools are excellent if you are already scoring well. The hard part is to figure out the mistakes you are making. They have no one to turn to seek genuine feedback, learn from the mistakes, and thereby improve the test scores. Countless number of students have used online free tools, often wasting time on strategies that do not work. In the end, there is no real improvement in test scores and knowledge.

Does this sound like you? Let us face the reality. Many of the students who choose these free resources do not improve their test scores, because there is no real tool to track and monitor their progress, give valuable feedback, and help take the steps necessary to improve.

Schools teach the subjects included in SAT/ACT*, but do not teach HOW to successfully take these college admission tests, or HOW to get ahead of the crowd.

A New Way to Learn & Ace Standardized Tests

Why should you enroll in the FP test prep program?

Since 1998, FPLA has been assisting students get top scores in college admission tests. Over the years we have perfected the best strategies and have packaged it to benefit high school juniors and seniors. While individual results may vary, FPLA trained students have improved their SAT® scores by about 150 points and ACT® scores by ~3 points. This significant improvement is comparable to our national competitors.

Our methods:

Aptly named “FP (Full Potential) test prep program”, in the pre-enrollment meeting, we discuss the students’ academic background and map the college admission goals. Following the initial meeting, many students take a placement test to obtain a baseline score. 


In terms of content, exam pressure, test taking environment and other conditions; the pre-test replicates the official SAT® exam but does not count towards the actual test. We use the results only to find the student’s academic and test taking strengths and weaknesses.

What is included in the FP test prep programs?

The FP test prep program includes below listed 10 important components.

  1. Initial free consultation
  2. Placement test with a detailed analysis report. You can download a free sample report here.
  3. An overview of the structure of the SAT or ACT exams
  4. Study materials
  5. 30 hours of personalized one-on-one tutoring
  6. Test-taking strategies
  7. Math review topics including algebra and geometry
  8. Reading, writing, and grammar
  9. Full-length and sectional practice tests with a professional evaluation and feedback
  10. Progress review meetings and projected test scores

If you are serious about earning better test scores, then the FP test prep program is for you.

Why you need one-on-one test prep help?

Many students just need a little extra reinforcement to act and implement things they already know but could not overcome their doubts. We help the students optimally balance test taking strategies and subject knowledge. Nothing can truly replace one-on-one tutoring.

How does FP test prep program work?

First, you will be learning from tried and tested methods that have worked for hundreds of students improve their test scores by about 150 SAT points or ~3 ACT points. You will be able to take multiple, full-length practice tests and get a detailed feedback, which you will not get with private tutors. You can download a free sample report here.

How Much Does The FP test prep program work?

Education is an investment. An undergraduate degree improves your earning potential. The SAT/ACT* test scores are crucial factor in college admission decisions, scholarship awards and financial aid packages. Earning a bright future scholarship, would have paid back the cost of FP college test prep training program multiple times.

The national tutoring agencies and other independent tutors charge upwards of $75, and can go up to $250 per hour, whereas we charge $45 per session with no contracts. The accompanying table summarizes typical fees charged by the national competitors and independent tutors.


Fee per hour


Total Cost

Competitor – 1 Pack 1




Competitor – 1 Pack 2




Competitor – 2




Competitor – 3







Pay as you go

1~150 SAT* points; ~3 ACT* points improvement from the baseline.

About us:

FPLA is Miami’s premier tutoring center in reading, math, science, and test preparation programs. At FPLA, we encourage your child to aspire to a bright future by empowering them with academic and life skills in a positive learning environment that is equipped with a variety of learning resources.

FPLA tutors:

Our tutors are not just experts in their subjects, but expert tutors as well! Test prep tutors are graduates or college students who took the tests recently. All our tutors have undergone a rigorous selection process, were extensively trained, and continually apply the best tutoring practices to ensure that your child gets the best chance at academic improvement.

Do not wait to get one-on-one tutoring and discover ways to earn top scores in SAT/ACT* tests. Take a minute to fill out the Contact Us form and we will promptly follow up. For more details call us at 305-826-1896 or explore us at https://www.fullpotentialtutor.com/test-prep-help/. If you still have any questions about one-on-one tutoring, e-mail to smedia@fullpotentialtutor.com . We look forward helping you earn top scores in SAT/ACT* tests!


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