Home schooling 


Are you thinking about homeschooling your children, but do not know where to start? We may have a solution for you.

Of the 1.8 million children homeschooled in the USA, about 89,817 reside in Florida. The government has minimal oversight over home school programs. In Florida, home school parents should file with the local school board, a letter of intent, annual progress report and a termination letter within 30 days of transitioning to a regular school. While one can write these letters on a plain paper, families living within Miami Dade and Broward counties have the option to use the forms provided by their respective school districts. You can also download the forms here. While the state does not require additional paperwork, it is incumbent upon the parents to keep meticulous academic records. These records will come handy in the event of switching over to regular school and for college admission. In the next series of articles, we will discuss various resources available for home school parents.

Surveys reveal that several factors influence parents’ decision to home school their children. Some of them are based on parental religious belief, morality issues, school environment, children special needs, physical, mental issues, student-athletes, gifted accelerated readers, travel and more.
If you plan to home school your child, but need expert help, come talk to us. We may have some answers and eager to direct you to the right resources. 

At some point, all the homeschoolers get outside expert help. When you need, we provide subject matter tutoring, academic and record keeping support for your homeschooling needs.

FPLA provides one-on-one tutoring year-round or occasional homeschooling support in a predictable environment. The one-on-one instruction enables us to customize the teaching to suit individual learning styles. We evaluate the student’s academic achievements, which enables us to customize the curriculum to suit individual goals. 

Our trained tutors track student’s progress using a combination of evaluation tools such as :-

  • Session Notes
  • Pop Quizzes
  • Projects
  • Mid Term Evaluations
  • Cumulative Progress
  • Standardized Tests

We make these confidential records accessible online or offline.

Our goal is to enable your child focus on course content, empower them to establish their own learning paths and realize their FULL POTENTIAL. We aspire to make your child feel at home away from home.

Areas of Tutoring:

Elementary School Math Middle School Math Algebra I Algebra II Geometry Pre-calculus
Calculus Trigonometry Probability / Statistics Advanced Math Topics College Math Business Calculus
Biology Organic Chemistry I Organic Chemistry II Physics Economics American History
Social Studiesl English Literature Composition Writing World History
and more

Abou​​​​t FPLA:

Full Potential Learning Academy (FPLA) is Miami’s premier tutoring center in Reading, Math, Science, and Test Preparation programs. At FPLA, we encourage your child to aspire to a bright future by empowering them with academic and life skills in a positive learning environment equipped with a variety of learning resources. 

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