Step by Step Approach to Space Out And Prepare for the SAT/ACT® Tests Through Your HS Years 



  • Discuss your career (college) goals with your CAP or guidance counsellor
  • Take help from independent college admission counselling agencies if CAP counsellor is not available
  • Take few foundational courses
  • Completing a few basic science courses will help you do well in the reading, writing and language portions of the SAT
  • It is highly recommended to successfully complete Algebra II by sophomore year


  • Taking Pre-Cal/Trigonometry courses is highly recommended
  • Continue to maintain decent grades and seek help in the subject areas you face difficulties.

Sophomore to Junior year transition

  • Research and learn more about the college admission process.
  • Use the summertime to acquire in-depth knowledge about the SAT or ACT exams.
  • Chart out a career path and prepare a list of the universities you wish to attend and enquire about eligibility requirement.
  • Enquire with the respective admission officers about the college specific admission requirements such as the need of the subject SAT or ACT tests, volunteer hours, etc.


  • Take the PSAT test in the October of your junior year.
  • During the fall & winter of your junior year take a mock SAT or ACT test at FPLA and get a detailed performance report. At FPLA, we replicate the official SAT test taking scenario, so you get the benefit of taking the SAT or ACT test.
  • No limit to the number of times you can take these tests. However, more than three official test scores do not look respectable on your college application package.
  • Not to take an official SAT or ACT test just for ‘practice’ and waste a precious opportunity.
  • Get expert’s help at FPLA to systematically address the weaknesses; learn test taking strategies and earn better scores on your first attempt.

Mission 1300+

The mission of FPLA is to help you get a score of 1300 plus :

  • Florida residents enrolled in Florida state university systems are eligible for the Florida Bright Futures scholarship program.
  • A score of 1290 combined with other criteria will qualify you for this scholarship.

Winter & spring of your junior Year

  • Take the official SAT or ACT exam
  • Complete all general and subject SAT tests by the end of summer, before starting HS senior year.


  • It is time to apply to your dream universities
  • Once you complete the college application process, sit back and relax, but keep up the grades for the rest of the semester

About FPLA

  • Full Potential Learning Academy (FPLA) is Miami’s premier tutoring center in Reading, Math, Science, and Test Preparation programs.
  • Now, you can realize that dream with the help of FPLA’s time-tested and dependable one-on-one test prep programs. Hundreds of students have improved their SAT* results by on an average 150 points and 3 points in ACT* scores.

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