An hour a day of reading can stem the summer slide


The summer vacation is around the corner. After nine months of the grueling schedule, children deserve the summer break. The need for summer break is justifiable, but the length of this break is debatable because the ten weeks of summer vacation appear interminable to parents and children alike. For the initial few weeks, children revel in their free time. But they get bored soon. Therefore, they want to go back to the school to hang out with their friends.

Buried within this ten-week hiatus is the dreaded summer reading loss. It is real. In addition, Studies* confirm that many students lose about one month’s worth of the school year learning during the summer vacation. Adding a few hours of summer academic activities to the daily routine had stemmed the loss of a grade. Moreover, it had improved the test scores.

There are countless options to avoid the summer slide. It is up to the parents to make the best use of them. Some of the summer programs are free and others come with a fee.

Child Play

Free programs:

Year around, local libraries offer several free programs. Therefore, take your children to a local library and make the best use of the available free resources.

South Floridians are blessed with year-round sunshine and surrounded by crystal-clear water. Therefore, enroll your children in one of the free-swimming lessons offered by local parks to learn a lifesaving skill.

Fee Based Programs:

For all the K-12 students’summer is the perfect time to learn and improve on basic reading, writing and math skills. Join any of the many fee-based summer camps. (In another article, I will detail what to look for in a summer program?) Better still, avail academic enrichment activities from reputable institutions like FPLA.

Full Potential Learning Academy (FPLA) is Miami’s premier tutoring center in reading, math, science, and test preparation programs. At FPLA, we encourage your child to aspire to a bright future by empowering them with academic and life skills. We empower them in a positive learning environment equipped with a variety of learning resources. Throughout the summer, we assist families to keep their little ones engaged in a safe environment.

FPLA's Jumpstart Classes

For the past 20 years, we have been offering a full schedule of the summer “Jumpstart” classes. For instance, for those motivated few families, who want to catch up and keep up their grades.

The objective of the “Jumpstart” Program is to improve the basic skills for each student. We help establish an excellent foundation in reading, writing, grammar, and math. The students’ who took advantage of our “Jump Start” programs have significant gains in knowledge and confidence levels.

For example, children enrolled in our signature decoding, reading-comprehension program have improved their reading proficiency by two grade levels in 90 – 180 days. Now, we help you realize the dream of earning the Bright Future Scholarship and admission to top universities. FPLA’s time-tested and dependable one-on-one test prep programs helped hundreds of students improve their SAT* results by on an average 150 points and 3 points in ACT* scores.

The following are a condensed list of our Summer Jump start Programs:

Reading Programs Math Program
Reading Decoding/Comprehension Pre-Basic Math Skills 1st Grade
Summer Reading Books Program (All grade levels) Pre-Basic Math Skills 2nd Grade
Grammar/Writing Program (All grade levels) Basic Math Skills Elementary/Middle School
Pre-Algebra Jumpstart
TEST PREP PROGRAMS Algebra I Jumpstart
HSPT Geometry Jumpstart
SAT* Algebra II Jumpstart
ACT* Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus Jumpstart
PERT Statistics Jumpstart
CLEP and more Calculus Jumpstart

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a meeting NOW with the center director to help your child keep up their academic skills, catch up with their grades where needed, remain confident and succeed inside and outside the classroom.

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Kim J. S., Quinn D. M. (2013). The effects of summer reading on low-income children’s literacy achievement from kindergarten to grade 8 a meta-analysis of classroom and home interventions. Review of Educational Research, 83(3), 386–431.