Poor 1st Quarter Grades Is A Cry for Help

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Any weakness in grades this 1st Quarter needs to be addressed NOW!

A robust primary education is a foundation for a SUCCESSFUL future. The knowledge gained in the 1st quarter lays the foundation for what students will learn during the rest of the school year. A limited understanding is a sure recipe for poor End of the Course (EOC) grades. Primarily, reading comprehension skills is the basis for success in all subjects including Math, Social Studies and core Sciences. Below grade level reading, writing, vocabulary and comprehension skills hamper academic progress. If the students read at grade level but are not up to par in other subjects such as Math, Core Sciences is another sign for immediate remedial action specifically directed in those particular areas. For example, as students’ progress onto advanced math courses such as Algebra, students should have acquired a solid understanding of first quarter concepts. It will be nearly impossible to get an “A” if their mastery level is a C, D, or F.

Primary Children

Therefore, starting the 1st first quarter with a “knowledge gap” frustrates the student, teacher and the parents. It is the right time to stem the downward fall. Before, it gets out of hand, gets help right away to stop the downward spiral and help eliminate compounding misconceptions. Let your child know there is nothing wrong or shameful in seeking help to boost their grades. NOT asking for help is worse than the remedy. After all, we have qualified tutors at FPLA to help your children master their subjects. ACT NOW, because nothing is worse than inaction - - https://www.fullpotentialtutor.com/private-tutors/

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