Things You Need To Do To Get Into The College of Your Dreams

Contributed by Natalie Hernandez, Biochemistry Major, FIU

About Natalie Hernandez: 

Natalie is a junior at FIU. She is majoring in Biochemistry. In her spare time, she teaches at Full Potential Learning Academy. Currently, she is taking a break from her tutoring assignment to focus on her final exams.


Getting into the college or university of your dreams is no easy task.

Getting into the college or university of your dreams is no easy task. However, that does not mean it is impossible to achieve your goals. I believe that planning ahead, gather support from your family and teachers, and stay positive, will help you succeed. Looking back at my college application process, the person that played the most significant role was my surprising, tenacious, and knowledgeable CAP advisor. Building a relationship with your CAP advisor should be one of your top priorities. They can refer you to some fantastic schools and introduce you to plenty of opportunities, such as summer programs offered at some of the top universities in the nation, that will allow you to build your resume. Next on the list of top priorities should be your grades, as well as involvement in extracurricular activities.

Throughout high school, it is critical that you not only get the best grades possible, but that you also take on an academically rigorous course load inclusive of Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes. Taking such courses, receiving good degrees, and passing the exam at the end of the school year will prove to the university that you are a hard worker and can stay focused. In addition to taking rigorous courses, it is also vital to get involved in activities outside of the school. Joining clubs that allow you to get involved in the community or attain some leadership position is a huge plus. Getting involved allows the university or college of your choice to see that you can stay committed and are reliable. Now, something else the colleges and universities looks is ACT and SAT scores.


I recommend that every student start studying well in advance for these exams (spring break of junior year is an excellent time to start if the student wants to apply early) that way they don’t feel overwhelmed when they take the test. Preparing with sufficient time is key to getting a good score. I also highly recommend that every student take both the ACT and SAT and later choose which one they feel more comfortable taking and from there focus on getting their desired score.

I will say, that scores are not everything. Building your resume with extracurricular activities, academic achievements, as well as having strong recommendation letters from teachers, and being an overall well-rounded student, will enhance your chances of being accepted into your dream school.