Reading keeps ignorance at bay.

The shocking truth is that many students do not know how to read a textbook.Unlike some exclusive private schools, there is no one to hand hold and walk a student through the entire course. Students wonder why their grades do not improve even though they sit with the textbook in front of them all day.We need to remember, reading and studying are different. Ineffective reading habits affect college grades. 

Reading Keep

A reason for poor reading habit could be addiction to electronic games. Research studies have proven that electronic devices affect one’s ability to concentrate on contents that are not always interactive.However difficult it might be, one cannot escape reading, because, professors usually teach the most complex content and leave the basics for the students to learn by themselves.

  • Start early: It is wise to start practicing reading textbook early on in life. Even otherwise, it is never too late.I redirect your attention to my earlier article “Simple Tricks To Help Your Child To Love Reading”, where I had outlined a few effective reading habits.
  • Put reading on your daily routine: Reserve a time of the day to read. Set a place that is free of distractions like, TV, radio, video games, phones, computers, loud music and more.​​​​
  • Read that interests you: In the beginning, read what you like, then gradually you will like what you read. Once reading becomes a habit, you will automatically ease into reading textbooks.
  • Skim over the content first: When you are calm and relaxed, read the summary of a topic first,then, read aloud the first paragraph. Trust me, your own voice will grab your attention to the content. Next, re-read the paragraph silently. Now, try to understand the content and the author’s message. In a sentence or two, summarizeyour reading.Then, move on to the next paragraph and repeat the steps.Slowly, you will realize that you are able to concentrate and read quietly. Now, interprethow the author builds the argument/information on the topic. If you meticulously follow these steps, gradually you will learn to process complex information and master the reading skills.
  • Take a break (Kit-Kat time)Reading a textbook may get tedious and boring. If you feel bored whilereading, stop and do something you like: Go running, take a walk, do gardening or simply hang out with friends. However, do not take too long a gap!Usually, textbook topics are arranged in a way, that the chapters are built on the prior information, therefore with long gap, you may forget the information that you gathered form the earlier topics.
Finally, not all the above tips may work for all. Therefore, experiment to find a method that works best for you.Like any habit, you need to nurture reading skills and surely it will take you to great heights!

About the authorDr. Sarkar is a faculty at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL People Miami Edu. She is passionate about the impact of science in our life.

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