Tutoring helps high achievers as well

An increase in class size stifles teachers from providing one to one personal attention to students who are falling behind. Typically, high achieving and students who read at or below grade level are assigned to the same classroom. The disparities in the academic proficiency and learning style is not conducive for the teachers address student’s needs.

On one hand, the lack of challenging study materials makes the academic high achievers feel bored and lose interest in learning. On the other hand, students who are struggling to reach grade level academic proficiency feel left out. In such cases, personalized one on one tutoring may help student’s belonging to the both the ends of the spectrum dramatically improve their academic proficiency.Therefore, it is a misconception that only those students who are struggling to keep up good grades need private tutoring.

The lack of individualized attention affects student’s learning and understanding of concepts. Consequently, the students who need personalized attention fall behind. For fear of embarrassing themselves, many students shy away from asking for clarifications in the classroom. Such students are the prime candidates who may benefit from one on one tutoring and master the course content in a stress-free environment.


In another scenario, schools cannot provide courses in every subject. Occasionally, schools may not offer subjects, such as piano, guitar, computer coding, advanced topics, that a student may want to learn. Private tutors can motivate a child to learn without peer pressure, at his/her own pace thus resulting in better learning outcome.

A motivated teacher inspires and serves as a role model to the students. Interactions with a private tutor can positively impact a student in developing discipline, good study habits, time management skills, and planning. A tutor who is also a college student, may indirectly influence the tutee to aim high.

A personalized study plan developed by a tutor is a great support to help a struggling child get back on track. Group tutoring can help when there is financial constraint and when a child is not sensitive to competition from the group members, which is rarely the case.

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